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Sunday, February 20, 2011


The two box office hits this weekend were #1, Unknown, and #2, I Am Number 4.  I found both to be entertaining and ideal for escapism.  Unknown is the better film (56% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) over IM#4 (RT=27%).

Unknown is based on a French novel about biotechnology, minor amnesia and assassination, with an intriguing and suspenseful, but difficult to believe, story line.  I'm not giving anything away by saying there is an unexpected, but happy, ending.  Liam Neeson puts on a good performance and is now the reigning action star.

I Am Number Four is mostly about aliens, but weakly managed.  The main alien is supposed to be a 15 year high school student, but looks like a senior in college.  To make a long story short, nine young aliens are somehow transported to Earth to grow up and develop special physical powers.  However, they are being pursued by other aliens looking like white Mike Tysons.  Don't understand why, but each hunted wears a sequential charm.  Three are killed, and #4 is that high school student.  I suspect this film will ultimately make more money than Unknown because it is tailored to draw teenagers with chases, fights, morphing monster animals, super guns, love and more.  Can't imagine why a vampire wasn't tossed into the mix.  How's this for ambition, but this is to be a six-part series, and the next film, entitled the The Power of Six, is expected to be released in August.


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