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Sunday, February 27, 2011


First, my Academy Award dinner, with Ann Hathaway:

While this is just a representative photo, I had a bit of St. Agnes cheese, bunch of boiled peanuts, small bag of Kettle Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips and ten sprigs of watercress, with a truly outstanding 2004 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay, rated 93 by Parker and Wine Spectator, and, at a cost of $75, which means you would pay $200 in a typical restaurant.  The guilt I feel is that someone who participated in the recent Gourmet Philosophers discussion last week brought it to be drunk by the group, and we never got around to it.  My apologies, for I finished the whole bottle.  Some individual in the following photo should be credited:

Someday I'll provide some details about the Gourmet Philosophers, but not today.

And the primary 2011 Academy Award winners were  (my predictions in parentheses)...

Film:                             The King's Speech (The Social Network)
Director:                       Tom Hooper (David Fincher)
Actor:                           Colin Firth (Colin Firth)
Actress:                        Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman)
Supporting Actor:        Christian Bale (Christian Bale)
Supporting Actress:     Melissa Leo (Hailee Stenfield)

Okay, my divinations were not perfect, but the odds were 31,250 to one if you just guessed and got all six top awards correct.  People think Ted Williams had the best batting average with his .404 average in 1941, but, no, that was Hugh Duffy in 1894 at .440.  My score for the Academy Awards was .500.

Some final thoughts.   Kirk Douglas will be a hundred in about five years.  Considering the terrible stroke he suffered, he performed miraculously.  Warren Beatty looked really old, but he is just about 74, and Annette Benning is not quite 53.  Tony Curtis, who passed away last year, was 85.  Who is Melissa Leo?


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