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Saturday, February 12, 2011


It was a happy, yet sad, gathering, as a small group of relatives said goodbye to Uncle Larry Yamamoto.  Below, Larry with his younger brother Paul to his left:

These are remarkable uncles: Larry (94) and Paul (92) still drive and are as articulate as I am.  I'm possibly their favorite nephew, mainly because I am the only one in the entire family of relatives who drinks (alcohol) with them.  Larry's medication very recently now prevents him from imbibing, but Paul and I finished a bottle of Piper Sonoma Methode Brut Champenoise (12%, note how California has learned to call a champagne as a similar sounding champenoise) and most of an Italian Zefiro Prosecco (11%).  (Two years ago at my book signing, the lady bartender came up to me and wondered if she should cut of an individual who was drinking too much:  Paul.)  Even more remarkably, in a larger housewarming on Maui last year, with three times the number of people, Paul, Larry and I were the only ones drinking wine.  No, come to think of it, two were also into wine and someone else had a beer.  What is happening to the next generation?  

Their youngest sister Emi is below with the rest of the clan:

Larry has lived his entire life in Kalihi, but is moving to stay with his daughter Louise and her husband Woody (left and right in second row) in San Jose.  Linda (daughter of Paul, who, as I now think about it, actually also had some champenoise, was further handicapped by having to drive with one arm) is next to Woody and Douglas and Susan (children of Emi) are to Linda's right.  Paul's son, Butchie, dropped by a bit too late, but left a bottle of Argentinian Merlot and a giant custard pie.  I earlier this week posted an article on Foods for Doomsday, so I'm wondering how long this pie can be kept frozen.  It should take me about five years to finish it.

Tropical Cyclone Bingiza should crash into Northeast Madagascar as a hurricane tomorrow.


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