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Friday, February 25, 2011


These are the SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, as of last year. ( I have inserted a few thoughts from today):


ONE: Ending Crime and War Forever

Ø    War:  convert all nations to democracies, starting with the establishment of a World Peace Center, where diplomats can obtain a universal degree to promote peace, and find a way to give the United Nations enforcement powers on world solutions. In parallel, strive towards total world disarmament.  (While it is true that there has not been a major war between two democracies for 200 years, as I observe the state of governments around the world, I have noticed the more stable ones in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula are those headed by, essentially, benevolent dictators:  Qatar, Tanzania and Botswana.  Perhaps many of these countries in various stages of rebellion can someday mature into democracies, but could well progress more efficiently under a more rigid form of government.)

Ø    The looming world economic cataclysm caused by Peak Oil and Global Heating can serve as the stimulus for the United States to work with the other G8 Nations to immediately (2009) shift military funds towards remediation of this dual hammer.

TWO: Eternal Life

Ø    Develop the necessary computer technology to store knowledge from a brain and perfect human cloning.

Ø    Find the aging gene and disable it.

THREE: Teaching Rainbows

Ø    Incorporate Rigor, Respect, Relevance and Relationship as equals with Reading, Riting and Rithmetic to convert the one marshmallow students to become productive citizens, and further enhance the capabilities of the two marshmallow group. There will further be the bonuses of a lower crime rate and a more peaceful society.

Ø    Anytime there is a budget surplus, local, statewide or nationally, give at least 50% of those funds towards education, preferably to deliver on the new R’s.

Ø    For the U.S. to maintain #1 status, continue to refine the greatness of our universities, from where will come the leaders, thinkers and producers to maintain our pre-eminence.

FOUR: Seeking the SETI Light

Ø    Provide $10 million/year for coherent optical techniques to confirm the presence of Earth-sized exoplanets.

Ø    Establish a Chinese connection by seeding the prospects of a SETI program in China, and nourish it so that it becomes a threat to American egos.

Ø    Re-start an official NASA SETI program at $100 million/year to coordinate the world effort. Alas, we might need to wait a while for that galvanizing spark, whatever form it might take.

FIVE: The Golden Evolution

Ø    Grow up and accept the notion of a Supreme Being as, while once necessary for the survival of our species, now obsolete.

Ø    Acknowledge miracles as impossible.  

Ø    As our society has a fatal flaw in anticipating and subverting future economic calamities, should something like the looming giant asteroid of Peak Oil and Global Warming become a monumental threat to our survival, first, overcome the unparalleled crisis, but more so, learn a lesson in societal maturity by transferring now archaic religious beliefs towards the sustainability of humanity itself.

SIX: The Best Place in the World

Ø    Dream about living in Hawaii.

Ø    Come to Hawaii…if you can afford it!  (On the other hand, Hawaii is like the canary in a coal mine, for when the Peak Oil / Global Warming crunch comes, we will be the first to go into a lengthy economic depression.)

So, the point, I guess, is, come to Hawaii to support our economy and enjoy yourself, but be careful about actually moving here with permanence in mind.  But we are popular, as an article in the Honolulu Star Advertiser showed this morning (read the entire article to understand what these numbers mean):

The Maldives, 1200 islands in the Indian Ocean, is also in dire jeopardy, for sea level rise is expected to wipe them out in the coming years.  Waikiki could be affected, but Hawaii should be okay.

View the Dow Jones Industrials on the right.  Same for the price of oil/barrel and gasoline/gallon.


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