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Sunday, February 6, 2011


A case can be made that the Super Bowl is the one most important event each year in the USA.  If television is any indicator, three of the top ten are past super bowls, featuring the 1982 (San Francisco versus Cincinnati) match at #5 with 40 million and 49% of all households watching.  The 49ers qualified for this game because of the "The Catch" by Dwight Clark.  #1 is the MASH final in 1983, with 50 million and 60%.  Actually, as to numbers, last year slightly more than 106 million watched Super Bowl XLIV and just less than 106 million viewed that MASH finale, so the super bowl has already prevailed.

I was in Delhi a year ago during this telecast from Miami.  I had access to more than a hundred international channels, with at least twenty being sports stations.  At five in the morning of Monday, February 8, I searched and searched.  The game was never shown in India.  Yes, football matches were on, at least six soccer and four rugby.  One billion people in India couldn't care less.  

Me?  It was unimportant, except for the fact that I actually woke up early to watch and was mildly disappointed.  Until recently I had a dozen fantasy NFL teams and watched three games every Sunday, plus the Monday night game.  I hosted super bowl gatherings.  I have not seen even one complete game for two years now.

Super Bowl I was 44 years ago, when Green Bay crushed Kansas City, 35-10, as the NFL demolished the upstart AFL.  Super Bowl III might have been the most memorable, for Joe Namath "guaranteed" victory for the New York Jets over the Green Packers, which already had twice beaten the Jets by a combined score of 68-24.  The Jets won SB3 and the AFL went on to win 11 of the next 13 games.

Super Bowl XLV will become the most viewed telecast in the USA, for 89% of men and 68% of females plan to watch.  I've been glancing at the TV since seven this morning and will most certainly tune in at 1:30 because I have been planning my game meals for weeks now.  I began with a Portuguese sausage, Zippy's chili, Claussen kosher pickle, Kettle salt/pepper potato chips and a Kirin beer (sorry Bud).  This, after all, is the ultra junk food day for the nation, although 8 million pounds of avocado will be consumed.  Thanksgiving remains the biggest eating day, 4500 calories/person, not necessarily at the main meal, but snacking over the parades and football games on television.  This makes me now realize that we are becoming a country of the morbidly obese because of television.  But no fear for any cholesterol overdose because I'm taking Simvustatin, and with this pill, you can eat anything you wish...sort of.

I will, though, upgrade my the cholesterol content for the second meal:

Medium rare rib eye

Garlic fried rice

Sauteed foie gras

Buttered asparagus

Tossed salad with Castello Blue Cheese dressing

2006 Truchard Carneros Cabernet Sauvignon, 14.2% alcohol, from the recent Stanford Alumni collection.

It doesn't really matter that SB45 will not be in 3D, not even the commercials, for there is an option for simulated 3D on my set.  But I can't believe I'm saying this:  I'm actually looking forward more to those commercials than the game itself.  The new ones come during the Super Bowl, but after four hours this morning, the KIA soul hamsters "You can get it with this or you can get it with that" are in the lead, for it has come on at least four times now, and the song is kind of catchy.

Which team will win?  I only wish for incredible commercials and a monumental effort ending like the Immaculate Reception, the above leading to the below:

with Franco Harris of the Steelers scoring to win the Division title over the Raiders in 1972.  I am wearing green and yellow, so that would be my sentiment.

Christina Aguilera will perform the National Anthem (here is an earlier version--compare with the one today).

The Black Eyed Peas will be the half-time show.

Finally, this is the perfect day in Honolulu for watching TV.  It is raining:

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Tropical Cyclone Zaka already at 50 MPH has formed north of New Zealand, and will move south, but should weaken.


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