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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Not sure what my schedule will be tomorrow, as I fly from India to Spain, so I'll share with you one of the more eerily bizarre meals I've had in a long time.

I walked out of the Le Meridien executive club lounge at 9PM, which was adjacent to Le Belvedere, the penthouse signature restaurant for the hotel. So, I thought, a light French meal would be a nice final complement to the mostly Indian cuisine I've had. I walked in, and my first impression was of a high end Moscow restaurant, circa 1990. Picture a dim room with a candle and carnation on each table, perhaps 10% filled with well-dressed (I wasn't) small groups. A saxaphonist with two Russian-looking females were oozing (not dancing) on the stage. Later, I took a photo of the girls singing, and quite well.

And this was, it turned out, a CHINESE restaurant.

I got a table overlooking India Gate, ordered a vegetarian cream corn asparagus soup, the chef's special crispy duck and garlic basmatic rice, with a Kingfisher beer. If it is possible to create a Chinese, Indian and French fusion, this was it. The meal was good. The entertainers were from Ukraine, and specialized in Abba songs. They also were better than okay, When I left just after ten, the place was almost filled. They eat late in Delhi. Just another experience in Incredible India.

Next, on to Barcelona.


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