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Thursday, April 28, 2016

GLOBAL CRUISE 2018: Step 2

As I approach one million visitors to this blog site from 219 countries, I continue to wrestle in my mind as to when I will end SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR PLANET EARTH AND HUMANITY.  One option has always been the day I reach 1 million.  If so, E-Day will be occur next month.

When I began writing for The Huffington Post, I wanted to post 100 articles before retiring.  They don't pay people like me for these contributions, you know.  I lost count and ended up with 102.

What has been disappointing about this site is that I have failed in my attempts to find Simple Solutions to Save Planet Earth and Humanity.  My energy and environment topics generally do not draw too many visitors.  Clearly, there are no simple solutions.  Anyway, this year, for example, here are the top seven (you can link to these by clicking on them):

Not sure what those numbers stand for, but the relative size must indicate something.  No global warming, no solar energy, no substantive subjects that reflect my training and experience.  What tends to do well are food and travel.  #2 on Purgatory was my attempt at humor in religion.  #1 was my announcement to the world that I am considering a 120-day world cruise beginning in January of 2018, but that I can't afford to pay for the entire cabin (there is always a double occupancy requirement for these monumental extravaganzas), so is there any eligible female somewhere out there who might be interested in paying her way to join me on this odyssey?  

There has been some interest, and a small list is forming.  I've suggested a phased series of interactions, and the very first person interested in Step 2, a lunch or dinner meeting to discuss what is involved occurs in ten days at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Waikiki.  If all goes well, there will need to be a Step 3, which would be a short cruise to see if we are compatible.  If only one individual makes it this far by early next year, well, that would be an easy decision.  We would need to select the cruise line, and they all tend to depart in January, mostly from Florida.  

Anyone interested in gaining more information should, of course, go to #1, but also look at my posting on around the world options from November of last year.  Cost?  Anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000.  There are more expensive world cruises, but, once I endowed my apartment to the University of Hawaii, that limited my affordability quotient, which is why I can't absorb the cost of a companion.

How would you initiate interest?  You can comment at the bottom of this posting.  Or, if you want privacy, e-mail me at  The matter of keeping this trip confidential could also help determine when I terminate this blog.  If the individual who wants to join me is open to being an active part of this site, then, I could well continue until the end of that global cruise two years from now.


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