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Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016 JAPAN SAKURA ADVENTURE: 21 Days of Sakura, Snow, Sake and Sochu

Day 2:  Sakura at Shinjuku Park (Day 1 was the flight from Honolulu to Tokyo)

Dat 3:  Pear's Statue at Jindaiji

Day 4:    I had many views of Mount Fuji.  This from my ANA flight from Haneda to Kansai:

Day 5:  Hiroshima Atomic Dome.  Will President Barack Obama, who won the Nobel Prize for Peace, visit the Hiroshima Atomic Peace Memorial and this dome?

Day 6:  The surprise stop on the entire tour was to the Towel Museum on Shikoku Island, and Moomin was being honored:

Day 7:  Bus view to Kochi

Day 8:  Yosakoi festival wear featuring Sheri's Mom and her Mom

Day 9:  The Panda Tour guides:

Day 10:  Sakura near natural whirlpool:

Day 11:  Whale Shark at Osaka Aquarium, plus Osaka Castle moat:

Day 12:  Robuchon Hanami at Korakuen Park (my only hanami in the rain)

Day 13:  Caught the new Shinkansen (bullet train), Hayabusa, to Hokkaido Island (the green one)

Day 14:  Snow at Asahikawa

Day 15:  My day at Utashinai, home of  Kenjiro, my father's father (there was once a train station here, but the population has dropped from nearly 50,000 to now less than 4,000)

Day 16:  Sendai crows (there are these birds everywhere in Japan, and 95% of the bird sounds are from crows--here is where I had my only hanami in the snow--yes, even with that blue sky, it was snowing) and Sendai wagyu beef

Day 17:  I had a lot of my meals in my hotel room, but this one is from the Executive Club of the Tokyo Westin

Dau 18:  As in Europe, my Blue Bar Pigeon followed me everywhere, including Matsumoto Castle

Day 19:  Children's Day fish in Matsumoto

Day 20:  Breakfast at the Tokyo Westin and a drink with President Matsunaga

Day 21:  A meal at the ANA Lounge

Should you wish details, refer to the bottom of the right column and click on that day.  Tomorrow I will have focus on all those 7+ moment momentum  earthquakes occurring in Japan, Ecuador and Alaska.

Super Tropical Cyclone Fantala at 170 MPH is making an unusual about face near the northern tip of Madagascar, and, apparently wants no part of Tanzania, so will head back to the Indian Ocean:


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