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Sunday, April 3, 2016


As I left our hotel, I saw a beautiful red flower:

It was raining today, but now and then we again saw patches of Sakura.  Today is probably the peak day for the year.

We had the option of walking up to Kochi Castle.

You can only barely see it to the top left.  There were something like 150 steps with no railing and a lot of rain.  So I passed.  There is a large Sunday outdoor market in Kochi, so I again took photos of yellow flowers:

Even the official Hawaii State Flower.

These are bamboo shoots or takenoko, with the largest one costing a bit more than $10.  As it was raining hard, I walked through the pedestrian mall.

It was lunchtime, and we were on our own today.  Kochi is not known for wagyu beef:

There was only one restaurant with a line, Myojinmaru, which features Kochi's specialty, seared Bonito, called Katsuo in Japan:

My meal:

All things considered, this was my best meal yet on this current trip.

But that's not all.  After we moved in to the Crown Prince Palais, I decided to walk back into the shopping area to optimize an in-room dinner, and what a meal it turned out to be.  First, I should mention that I saw a Daiso and bought another cane.  Didn't I tell you that three days into the previous one from Daiso Tokyo, I lost it?  I think I'm detecting a trend.  My first Daiso cane from Bangkok from my previous trip around the world disappeared after three days, and that $20 cane from Germany also was lost in 3 days.

On return to my room I took a long bath, and, as dinner was still hours away, I decided to warm the foodstuffs I bought and the Kochi sake:

A cane is a multi-functional device.  Here, I'm utilizing this stick to prevent the food from getting wet while I heat the sake.  My dinner was exceptional:


Salmon egg and sea urchin over rice, with a cabbage/corn salad with ume dressing, fried chicken, teriyaki pork/egg and edamame, with hot tea, a Suntory Premium Malt Master's Dream Beer and Koichi's best sake.

Tomorrow, we're off to Takamatsu.

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