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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I started my day with breakfast at the Sendai Westin:

The sky was blue.  You can barely see it in the background, but once the tallest statue in the world, and (328 feet, longer than a football field) now #6 is Sendai Daikannon, having something to do with others who might attain Nirvana (the tallest in a few years will be the Statue of Unity in India, nearly 600 feet, almost twice the height of the Statue of Liberty, 305 feet):

On next to Nikko, first with this bullet train:

Transferred in Utsunomiya to the Nikko Line.  My hotel is located just across the street at the end of the line, Nikko.  I had a noodle lunch at a hole-in-a-wall said to be #1:

I then caught a 3-hour bus ride to visit various onsens in the hills.  Nothing much to photograph, but the ride down the mountain was not unlike a video game.  I still don't know how the driver was able to make those turns at those speeds.  Glad I'm here to continue my blog.

Cherry blossoms are not Nikko's thing (but Fall colors are the best in the world), but there were some:

I liked this color:

Dinner options in Nikko are sparse, so I joined the Nikko Station Hotel Classic buffet:

If you're counting, salad, cold soba, three kinds of pasta, a terrific potato soup, curry rice, two types of pork, prime rib and sashimi, with cold beer and hot sake.  It is clear that I've decided to eat and drink what I want and walk three times per week on a golf course and eat and drink a lot less when I return  to Hawaii

Tomorrow will be my toughest train test, for it will take four of them to get me to Matsumoto, where I hope to again see Pearl's Gold Koi.


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