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Friday, April 22, 2016


I'll write THE VENUS SYNDROME soon, but for now, you can heed the warnings of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which just reported that the past eleven months have each been the hottest months in recorded history.  Among the evidence:
  • Greenland ice sheet melting earlier than ever.
  • The Arctic had its smallest winter maximum for sea ice.
  • March 2016 was 2.2 F warmer than the 20th century March average.
  • The first three months this year were 2.07 F warmer than normal.
  • All signs point to April also joining the past eleven months.
So today, International Mother Earth Day (since 2009, but also known as Earth Day in the USA, beginning in 1970), the United Nations headquarters in New York City will host a signing ceremony to begin implementing the 12 December 2015 Paris Agreement.  Read the details.  How big a deal is this?  I wouldn't quite say meaningless, but certainly something pretty close.

For one, the Supreme Court (which still has a carryover Republican-controlled mentality) effectively shelved President Obama's Clean Power Plan.  Further, if either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz becomes president, they have officially indicated they will thumb their noses at the agreement.  In other words, it is one thing for the head of a country to acknowledge approval.  It is an entirely different matter for their Parliament or Diet or Congress to ratify the treaty, and any new leader to acquiesce.

If the next American president is Democratic, and Congress remains controlled by Republicans, this charade will continue, with the White House doing everything possible to sidestep the legislative process.  Of course, the U.S. Senate probably will probably never approve the agreement anyway, as they ignored the Kyoto Protocol of 1997, even when the Democrats had full control of the House and Senate in the first two years of Obama's reign.

(I might add that 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement.  Practically every representative, including Secretary of State John Kerry, indicated that they would gain legislative approval this year.  Good luck, America.  If the Republicans remain in control of the Senate, it will become a repeat of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, for 192 countries ratified, with the exception of the United States, Afghanistan and Sudan!)

Meanwhile, the latest issue of Nature Climate Change reported that as many as 13 million Americans, nearly half in Florida, living along our coastlines, will face flooding by the end of this century.  The cost of relocation could cost $14,000 billion, or $14 trillion.  More precisely, sea levels are rising faster since the time of Jesus Christ.  Here is an interesting historical perspective of our global temperature, which makes you wonder what is the big deal about our temperature today:

You can click on that graph to actually read it.  However, I did further research on the above visual, and found several articles going as far back as a decade ago debunking this work.  So why do I show it?  Well, it is entertaining.


Tropical Cyclone Amos, now at 105 MPH, could storm through Samoa this weekend as a Category 4:

American Samoa might escape some of that wrath.  Meanwhile, once Super Tropical Cyclone Fantala in the Indian Ocean is still at a powerful 105 MPH, will strengthen, and hit the northern tip of Madagascar, on its way to Tanzania:


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