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Monday, September 18, 2017

IT and 13 Minutes

Sunday was a crucial fantasy sports day for me.  I manage six MLB and five NFL teams, and if I had any kind of loyalty to them I would have watched TV all day.  But I instead went to two R-rated films:

                         Rotten Tomatoes           Weekend      My Grade
                      Reviewers  Audiences     Box-office

It                          85               88                #1                   B-

13 Minutes          76               57                low                 B  

The hit movie of the weekend, again, was It, earning $60 million, while #2 was American Assassin with $14.8 million.  It (the movie) took $33 million to produce, and in only two weeks has earned $219 million.  This was Chapter 1, with Chapter 2 scheduled for filming next year.

The film  is based on horror writer Stephen King's novel of that name written 31 years ago.  He has clicked on 54 novels, his first, Carrie, in 1973.  In 1977 came The Shining, with The Stand a year later.  In 1980 he released Firestarter, then Christine in 1983.  Four became hit films, with The Stand a successful TV miniseries.

I read and saw all of them, but around this time, stopped reading his books for being same old, same old.  This was a period when I returned to the University of Hawaii after spending three years in the U.S. Senate, and totally changed my reading habits.  I thus don't remember reading It when it was published in 1986.  Will Donald Trump be featured in King's next horror attempt?

Let me try to explain the film without giving it away:
  • There is a kind of horror clown that kills for a short period,  hibernates for 27 years, then returns.
  • While the filming was in Canada, the story occurs in Maine, as does most of King's novels, for that is where he lives.
  • Chapter 2 will occur around today (in time frame), for Chapter 1 took place in 1989.  Big names are being suggested for the adult roles:  Amy Adams / Jessica Chastain, Seth Rogan, John Bodega, Adam Driver and Tobey Maguire.
  • The Losers Club (well defines their status in school, and their family life in general, has one female, who is the object of sexual abuse at home) takes a blood oath to return in 27 years if trouble returns.  Why do you think there will be a sequel?
  • The film is scary, brutal, terrifying, sometimes can later add your personal descriptions.
  • I gave it a B- because I just have come around to not particularly enjoying whatever Stephen King produces.
  • He has made 20 cameos in films based on his writing...but I don't remember seeing him in It.
13 Minutes is an entirely different kind of film from Germany (therefore subtitled) of a solitary resistance fighter who tried to kill Adolf Hitler in 1939...but failed, by 13 minutes.  Also in the room were Joseph Goebbels, Reinhard Heydrich, Rudolf Hess, and Heinrich Himmler.  George Elser planted a bomb in a bierkeller hosting Hitler for one of his speeches, but he and his entourage left before the explosion.  Because of bad weather, Hitler decided to cut his usual 2-hour speech to one.

If you wish to observe how Nazis tortured prisoners to extract information, this is the film for you.  The production is not listed in Box Office Mojo, but would rank around #25 based on revenues for the week.  It is R-rated, but only because of those torture scenes.  A movie worthy of your time, and well made.

You wonder what the world might be today if the 55 (and maybe up to 80) million deaths in World War II did not happen.  One person CAN make a difference for the future of Planet Earth and Humanity.  Who knows, perhaps someone will run with one of the dozen or so ideas I will propose at my MENSA talk next month.  Maybe it will be the 10% Simple Solution for World Peace.  Someone send this posting to Kim Jung-un.  Incidentally, Wednesday, September 21, is International Day of Peace.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 63 to again break its all-time record, now at 22,331.  Some say this has been an eight-year bull market, so Barack Obama started it all.  Others give full credit to Donald Trump.  In any case, my endowments love it.

The only two hurricanes today are in the Atlantic.  Jose will not make landfall, while Hurricane Maria, now at 120 MPH, will further strengthen into a Category 4, and roll right over Puerto Rico:

However, most computer models then show Maria taking a Jose track:

More tomorrow about an "American" projection that predicts a closer encounter with Florida.


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