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Sunday, September 3, 2017


I woke up this morning after nine hours of sleep to a sparkling Honolulu Sunday.  I had no idea what I wanted to post on as I sat at my computer, but had this view:

Then I remembered that the 15 Craigside Photo Club would meet today, plus, we just began a display of the best four photos we each particularly liked.  So on the way to taking a photo of this exhibit I noticed by the elevators our Mauka view:

Beautiful Nuuanu Valley if you don't mind being surrounded by graveyards.  There are rainbows all the time.  Our photo show:

On this side you see two of my Mount Fuji photos, and on the other, two more:

The first one is a Mount Fuji sunset from my Tokyo Westin room:

I've now stayed at this hotel at least 50 times, the first in week one of their opening in 1994.  They always give me a high floor view of this majestic mountain.  The problem is that Tokyo is almost always overcast, and the spectacular scene mostly occurs only during a crisp winter day or just after a typhoon passes.

Here to the left is a photo of my hotel, with the adjacent Robuchon's, during a beer festival at Ebesu Garden Place, a large mall that also opened in 1994.  On the other side of this shopping complex from the Tokyo Westin is the Ebesu Station, making it convenient for me to use the hotel as a storage room when I take a small roller on my Japan Rail Pass trips around Japan, something I will do again next month for the Fall colors.

Next is a photo from my Shinkansen ride from Tokyo to Kyoto:

Finally, a shot of Mount Fuji from my recent ANA flight from Haneda to Kansai:

I thought, wouldn't it be interesting if I ran this photo through the Style app to see how Hokusai would paint this scene:

The photo club's assignment this week was to do something in the unfocused mode.  I had great difficulty, and ended up submitting two of these three photos about sea life:

This final one of a koi occurred during the Japanese Garden photo session of the gathering I attended at the East West Center posted yesterday (just scroll down to the next article).  I don't think I captured the essence of the subject matter, but  these photos seemed somewhat creative to me.

Hurricane Irma, now at 115 MPH, is looking ominous and heading in the general direction of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, although an earlier turn to the north is expected:


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