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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


The subjects I post on are a grand combination of current events, inspiration, anything to Save Planet Earth and Humanity and recommendations from readers.  I will soon focus on a few topics suggested by others:
  • At one time eggs were bad.  Recently I have begun to eat a lot more.  Turns out as many as two to three eggs per day might well be optimal.  
  • Bitcoin has been on the rise, but China could well kill this virtual money exchange.
  • Can hurricanes be tamed to become useful?
But the subject of the day is those new iPhones soon to be made available.  Mobile phones have been around for a long time, the one on the left showing Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973, who is credited with being the father of this device.  The first "smart" phone, sort of a small personal computer in the shape of a cell phone, was first released by NTT DoCoMo of Japan in 1999.  Today, when you ride the subway in any Asian city, virtually 90% of the younger generation actively use one.

T-Mobile, Microsoft and Blackberry came on the scene in the early 2000's.  Finland's Nokia made a run in the mid-2000's.  Motorola launched one using Linux in 2003.  In 2007 Apple introduced the first iPhone with a touchscreen.  The following year Android, now owned by Google, arrived.  South Korea's Samsung Galaxy came on line in 2013.  It ran into huge lithium battery problems, but still leads the world in sales (range from different sources):
  • Samsung  20.7%-23.3%
  • Apple       13.7%-14.7%
  • Huawei      9.0% - 10.%
Fascinating topics:
  • Smart phones have created smombies (smartphone and zombie users)
  • Mobile walking lanes in China
  • Traffic lights embedded in pedestrian traffic paths in Germany.
  • In 2011 90% of college students texted while driving
  • Every company is implicated in patent wars:  Samsung versus Apple, but also Sony, Google, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei, etc.

Here is a truly complete 2017 smartphone comparison guide.  For example:

Recent reports show that Huawei from China outsold Apple this summer, with South Korea's Samsung still well in the world-wide lead.  Three hundred forty two million smartphones were purchased in the second quarter of this year.  Apple needs something new, and here they come.

I owned the original iPhone, then switched to #4 when that came out in 2010.  For the past few years I promised myself to buy the latest, and finally did last month, an iPhone 7.  I knew that the 8 was soon to be released, but I'm at the stage of my life when the newest is not important anymore.  On the other hand, that X (supposedly pronounced "ten") surprised me.

There are three new ones:
  • iPhone 8 ($699, available September 22)
  • iPhone 8 Plus ($799, available September 22)
  • iPhone X (totally new, and is all screen, with availability in November for $999)

Pricing for the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus
You'll read about all of them, but, about the cool and futuristic X:
  • Does not look like an iPhone, although the shell goes back to the stainless steel and glass of #4.
  • The screen is made by Samsung.  Yes, Samsung, their bitter rival.
  • No front button, only along the sides.
  • Moving in the direction of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.
  • Power lasts 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7.
  • Charging is wireless on an inductive pad.
  • Dual 12-megapixel cameras.
  • Open by facial recognition.
Maybe I should have waited for the X.  On the other hand, something so new never really works well at the beginning.

All week the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been on the verge of breaking its all-time record.  The market is still open today, but it looks like it will fall a bit short.  Maybe next week.

Hurricane Harvey is gone, but Hurricane Irma is still causing a few problems.  However, there are five more ocean storms:

The right tropical disturbance in the East Pacific will run into Mexico, while the left one will dissipate before reaching Hawaii.  In the Atlantic, Hurricane Jose finally made up his mind to become a traditional storm, and will now almost for sure move away from the USA:

In the West Pacific, Typhoon Talim, at 105 MPH is tormenting the Ryukyu Islands, will strengthen into a Category 4, head straight for Kyushu and roll right over Japan:

There is also new Tropical Storm Doksuri, to become a typhoon, ease south of Hainan, and crash into Vietnam.


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