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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I am today 77 years old.  The time has come for me to totally live life my way.

Last night my next door neighbors, Deanna and John, brought a cake to celebrate the eve of my birthday.  It was a delicious Dobash chocolate.

This morning I was having breakfast on my lanai, and a red color caught my attention.  Outside the confines of my apartment, Pearl's Red Sunburst had appeared to wish me happy birthday.  Normally, this flower blooms beginning in the late spring, peaking in July.  I've never before seen it flower in September.

It was in 1983 that Pearl had an operation for breast cancer.  I saw this sunburst flower with no leaves and brought it to her hospital room.  Turns out that after blooming, the bulb located underground then sends out leaves.  She took it home and, over time, grew a few more, for the bulbs sometimes double.  I brought a few of these plants to 15 Craigside, and they have survived my absences during long trips.  This photo of Pearl and her sunbursts to the left was taken the year of her passage in 2009.

This blog site remains as my only active contribution to Planet Earth and Humanity.  Try doing something beyond your daily ablutions every day for nearly ten years.  My first posting was on 29April2008.  I am now up to 3564, which is more than one/day.  Through visits to China (which has a feud with Google, the overseer of this site), illnesses (although, come to think of it, I've now been continuously healthy for a decade), laziness and everything else, I've managed to maintain this blog.

Well, beginning April 29 next year this site will no longer be a daily.  Not sure yet if I will insert a posting monthly, weekly or more frequently, but I'll only release something if I really feel like it.  

Completion of Pearl's Ashes will occur after my next around the world trip, which will be planned for this purpose.  In the meantime, from May of 2018 I will begin another e-book, although I'm not sure if this will be The Venus Syndrome (the end of life on Planet Earth...or not) or My Search for Kenjiro's Grandmother (roots search for my great-great grandmothera female samurai in mid-1880's Japan) or Six Hours to Seattle (the Hilo side of the Big Island falls into the ocean, initiating a mega tsunami that heads in the direction of Seattle).

The first two will be quasi-documentaries, while the third will be a novel.  I will publish drafts of chapters from these possible publications.  I have not yet developed a simple solution for the Venus Syndrome, will need to be creative about Kenjiro's grandmother and think I have a solution for Seattle.

Hurricane Irma still at 185 MPH is the strongest Atlantic ocean storm in history.  These small Caribbean islands unlucky enough to be overwhelmed by peak gusts will literally be destroyed.  However, the eye should remain slightly north of Puerto, and landfall over Florida is still being projected for Sunday.

Just  behind Irma is Tropical Storm Jose, to reach Category 2 hurricane strength.  However, models still show him wavering and probably turning away from the East Coast.

Interestingly enough, Tropical Storm Katia just appeared in the Gulf of Mexico and will become a hurricane, making landfall north of Veracruz:


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