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Saturday, September 16, 2017


I yesterday talked some about MENSA (scroll down to the next posting), the largest and oldest IQ society.  If you think you are among the smartest 2% of Americans, take their exam.  That means 6 million of you living in the USA and almost 150 million worldwide.  However, only 1% of this eligible group in the U.S. belongs and 130,000, or 0.002% on the planet.

However, IQ is not all that standard, in that this 2% means 132 on the Stanford-Binet and 148 on Cattle.  Looking further into the general subject, I noticed this:

Always Someone Better: Mensa is for folks who make it into the top 2%, and it's simply the largest and most well-known of several IQ groups. The following organizations are similar to, but not parts of Mensa. If you are an even higher percentage than 98th, then you can opt to also join:

   The top 1% is Intertel Leans a little more intellectual than Mensa, but it's not really a big deal because if you qualify for it you can join Mensa, too.
   The top 0.003% is The Prometheus Society.  At this level and up you can't really join to be social - there are very few members.
o The top 0.0001% is Mega Society.  Get in there, and you're literally one in a million. You would certainly have the right to brag, though some argue that this far "off the chart" it's hard to gauge exactly what it means with so few examples around to study.

Curious, I searched further, and found:

1. Intertel - the top 1 percent of IQs
2. Top One Percent Society - if you can't figure this out, maybe you should go ahead and apply for Mensa instead. (I'm kidding!!)
3. Infinity International Society - the top 0.37 percent
4. Cerebrals Society - the top 0.3 percent
5. CIVIQ Society - the top 0.13 percent
6. Triple Nine Society - the top 0.1 percent
7. Prometheus Society - the top 0.0003 percent
8. Epimetheus Society - the top .0003 percent
9. Mega Society - the top .0001 percent
10. Giga Society - the top .0000001 percent

Intertel was founded in the UK 51 years ago and there are 1200 members in 30 countries.  They have a journal called Integra.  Here is a link on how to join, and, of all the places, the site emanates from Georgia, USA.

The Prometheus society was started in 1982 and has 120 members.  It publishes Gift of Fire almost monthly.  There is an unofficial IQ requirement of 164.  Marilyn vos Savant is a member.  She is known for having the highest recorded IQ in the USA, which Guinness reports as a controversial 228.  She never earned a real college degree, but on her third marriage became Mrs. Robert Jarvik, developer of an artificial heart.

Mega Society also came to be in 1982 and to be accepted you must score at a one in a million level.  Want join?  Take a test.  They have 26 members.  Here, read one one issue of their journal, Noesis.

Want to be really, really, special?  Try the Giga Society, which puts you in the one in a billion category. Founded in 1999 by Paul Cooijmans of The Netherlands, it, too, has a journal, Nemesis, which appears after each new member.  Cooijmans creates the test himself, 2222 have tried, and less than ten have qualified.  Most of them have IQs over 160.  The expectation is for 30 members by the year 2130.

Which of these has me as a member?  The closest I've been to any intelligence group is helping a friend of mine, George Carter, establish Serteens, a high school gifted and talented group in Hawaii.

I was once, though, affiliated with Chaine des Rotisseurs, a cuisine society which supposedly started in 1248 by Louis IX as a goose guild in France.  If you enjoy caviar, champagne, foie gras and truffles, this is the society for you.  I got to the stage in my life when I just couldn't keep up with the tastes of the members.

Finally, ever wonder what President Donald Trump's IQ might be?

However, Snopes investigated, and was not able to verify the Don's intelligence.  Anyway, did you know that John Quincy Adams (left), our 6th president, had the highest presidential IQ at 169?  #2 John Adams is #8 at 143.  So if Trump is #2, Thomas Jefferson is #3 at just under 156, John Kennedy #4 at 151 and Bill Clinton #5 at 149.  I did not know our Presidents were that smart.

Finally, I do make it among the highest IQ's as an engineering professor:

There are six ocean storms, and from the left, both Typhoons Doksuri (which for some reason did not make this map) and Tamil are just about now making landfall over Vietnam and Japan, respectively:

While still without a name, a potential tropical cyclone is projected to become a hurricane and follow the same track as Irma and Jose:


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