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Thursday, September 21, 2017


The new oldest person in the world, Nabi Tajima:
  • born on August 4, 1900
  • 117 years old
  • from Kagoshima, Japan
  • 160 descendants, including 35 great-great children
  • mostly eats ramen noodles, beef stew, hashed beef and rice mackerel sushi
  • 7th oldest person ever, with #1 being Jeanne Calmet (to the right at the age of 20) of France, who lived 122 years + 164 days (here is a video of her at 119)
  • Nabi is the oldest ever Japanese, and is said to be the last surviving person born in the 19th century.
There are currently 46 supercentenarians, those older than 110, with five of the top ten being from Japan.  Seven Americans are on this full list, with 114-year old Delphine Gibson at #10.  Here is a video of the top ten produced two months ago when Violet Brown of Jamaica was the oldest. 

Many, however, just cannot be verified, and Brazilian Maria Lucifer Pereira, living along the Amazon River, could well be 127.  She only eats natural foods from the forest, with no salt, sugar or processed foods.  The last report about her existence was earlier this year.
Note that all the elders above are female.  Across the globe, women live from five to ten years older than men.  For those over 100, 85% are women.  Theories change, but the latest is that menstruation causes females to become iron-deficient, which tends to delay the onset of cardiovascular diseases.  Worse, those who eat meat, especially men, don't live as long as those who don't.  Got to watch my wagyu diet.  Oh, one other reason is that men are idiots.

You can't blame your parents much.  The latest data shows that the environment is responsible for 70% of your longevity.  While calorie restriction helps mice live longer, my blog has indicated that overweight people live longer than those in the norm.  Mice are not men.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average all-time high will not today be challenged.

Tomorrow I will post either on bitcoin or taming hurricanes.

Puerto Rico will not be the same for a long time to come.  Hurricane Maria came ashore at 155 MPH, with the eye traveling across the island:

At least the continental USA will not be affected by Maria.

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