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Monday, September 4, 2017


Labor Day is a holiday celebrated by all 50 states, created by Congress in 1894 as a reconciliation measure after the Pullman Strike, which led to a number of deaths, becoming law only six days after the incident. This was the first national strike, and paralyzed train traffic. While the event served notice about the power of unions, management won round one.

I went on to say:

Nearly 16 million U.S. workers are labor union members, about 12 percent of the work force. Hawaii has the second highest percentage of union workers with 24.4% and New York is #1 with 24.9%.

This percentage has dropped to 10.7% and was 20.3% in 1983.  New York is the only state above 20% with 23.6%.  Hawaii dropped to 19.9% and South Carolina is the state with the lowest union membership at 1.6%.

Without unions, the life of workers in industry would today have been dismal.  They were absolutely necessary to get our country up to our current lifestyle.  However:

While unions were critical in the early days of the nation, and, maybe more so for Hawaii, my sense is that many of them have outlived their usefullness and now are part of the problem. I especially wonder if unions might be counterproductive in an academic setting. My blog of August 6 delves into this matter. No one seems to care much as there was not one comment to that posting.

My 2011 Labor Day Posting was entitled:  

Among the tidbits included a report that Singapore has developed silkworms producing colored silk.

Then my 2012 LDPosting went weird:
  • Indicating the viral video of Maru (a Japanese cat).  I wondered why 170 million had visited this site on You Tube.
  • Also touched on the Dyson Ball, Vegan Egg Yolk, Tide Pods and barbecued centipedes in a Phuket market.
So, finally, some historic quotes:
  • Confucius:  Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.
  • Sophocles:  Without labor nothing prospers.
  • Garfield:  Eat, drink and sleep.  That's the plan.  Have a fun Labor Day weekend!

Hurricane Irma is now at 120 MPH and strengthening.

The current projected path shows the eye just north of Puerto Rico and Cuba, heading for Florida.  


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