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Monday, September 11, 2017


While I still subscribe to half a dozen magazines, at one time I read both Science and Scientific American.  Science was founded in 1880 with financial support from Thomas Edison, and later from Alexander Graham Bell.  The American Association for the Advancement of Science gained control in 1944.  It is estimated that 570,400 people regularly read this publication.  

Early in my career, I even read Nature, from the UK, which began publishing in 1869 and is almost as popular with fundamental scientists.  There is some U.S.-European rivalry keeping both active, but they do on occasion cooperate on monumental discoveries.  A PhD researcher would gain high respect for having a paper published in either journal.

However, there was just too much arcane fundamentals in Science/Nature, that I now limit my science to Scientific American, which began in 1845.  It is the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the U.S.  This publication too is read by about half a million/month, but none of the three makes the top 100.  I just about only read this mag waiting to tee off on hole #2 at the Ala Wai Golf Course.

What is that photo to the left?  A glass umbrella ceiling.

Top ten?

  1. 1  AARP The Magazine                1958     23.7 million     AARP
  2. 2  AARP Bulletin                          1960     23.6 million     AARP
  3. 3  The Costco Connection               ?           8.2 million     Costco
  4. 4  Better Homes and Gardens        1922      7.6 million     Meredith
  5. 5  Reader's Digest                          1922      6.1 million     Reader's Digest
  6. 6  National Geographic                  1888     4.5 million      NG Society
  7. 7  Good Housekeeping                   1885     4.4 million      Hearst
  8. 8  Game Informer                           1991     4.4 million      GameStop
  9. 9  Woman's Day                             1931     3.9 million       Machete Filipacchi
    10  Family Circle                           1932     3.9 million       Meredith
Well, maybe not, for The Watchtower, distributed by Jehovah's Witness, prints 40 million copies/month.  It's free.  7.3 million JW's spend 1.5 billion hours/year knocking on our doors.

How average are you?
But people are more and more switching to digital:

But the USA has only around 5% the world population.  What about China?  Turns out that their #1 Duzhe only has circulation of 3 million/month.  Interestingly enough, Vanitha from India also publishes 3 million or so/month.

So, back to Scientific American, here are a few choice bits of info that will someday become future postings:
Hurricane Irma was a major pain, but, relative to Harvey, much seems relatively okay in Florida:

  • Killed at least 38 in the Caribbean.
  • Minimal casualties in the U.S.
  • Now a tropical storm to bring a lot of rain to Georgia and other states along the path.
  • At one time 6.2 million homes were without power.
  • 160,000 in shelters.

Right behind is Hurricane Jose, who is beginning to fool experts:

Note the loop predicted yesterday is now an approach to the Carolinas.

In the West Pacific, Typhoon Talim is also confounding weathermen:

While two days ago the southern part of Taiwan was the target, yesterday it was mid-Taiwan and today the northern tip of the country.  Then, Talim will actually survive an encounter with China and head to South Korea and/or Japan as a tropical storm.  Very unusual.


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