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Thursday, September 7, 2017


There are three monsters now threatening the world:
  1. Super Hurricane Irma will slam into Florida on Sunday.
  2. President Donald Trump has virtually abandoned the Republican Party.
  3. Chairman Kim Jung-un has developed an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering a Hydrogen Bomb.
Monster #1 (Irma) is actually related to Monster #2 (Trump).  Super Hurricane Harvey will cost the Federal government $180 billion, versus $150 billion for Super Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Next is Irma.  What was going on in the mind of Donald Trump?  Here's the deal:
  • Republican Congressional leaders came to consensus on the debt ceiling bill:  roll over the Democrats and make sure the next standoff won't occur until AFTER the mid-term election.
  • The Democrats made a bipartisan counter-offer:  we'll give you what you want on damages for Hurricane Harvey, but we will re-visit this debt ceiling in mid-December.
  • Stunning Republicans, President Donald Trump accepted the offer from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schemer, calling them "my friends."
  • Then, immediately after embarrassing Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan in person, he boards a plane with Senator Heidi Heitkamp on a flight to North Dakota, who was returning home to campaign against her November 2018 opponent.  Oh, Heitkamp is a Democrat, and she is running against a Republican, probably Congressman Kevin Kramer.  From Wikipedia:
Many observers cite Senator Heitkamp as the most vulnerable incumbent Democrat in 2018, as she balances between cooperating with her co-partisans in the U.S. Senate and pleasing her constituents in deeply-Republican North Dakota; President Donald Trump won in North Dakota by about 36 points.[2] The race is expected to be extremely competitive and some have projected it will be the most expensive race in North Dakota history.[3]

Heitkamp is a tax lawyer, and Trump wants her help for at least one potential future victory, tax reform.  He is dealing, and perhaps now smartly.  If Republicans want to maintain leadership after the mid-term elections, their biggest problem right now is their monster, Republican President Donald Trump.

But the true monster is Super Hurricane Irma (left185 MPH with a barometric pressure of 914 millibars), said to be the second strongest ocean storm in history.  #1 might be Super  Typhoon Haiyan, in 2013 striking the Philippines at 175 MPH, killing 6300.  However, in 2015, Super Hurricane Patricia reached sustained winds of 210 MPH in the Gulf of Mexico and crashed into Mexico at 150 MPH.  Yet, in the West Pacific, Super Typhoon Tip in 1979 has generally been touted as the strongest ever, only reaching 190 MPH, but having a record low pressure of 870 mbar and diameter of 1380 miles, about the distance from Miami to Detroit.

  • Imagine a tornado over your house for 30 minutes.
  • Sea level rise of 20 feet.
  • Utter decimation in a worst case scenario.
As devastating as Irma was to small islands of the Caribbean, all projections show Florida in serious jeopardy.  These computer models have been so accurate that all the buildings on the east coast of Florida are closing down and boarding up, hoping for the best.

About that Butterball Kim, the world media portrays him as a monster.  There are probably seven countries already with Hydrogen Bombs.  

While Kim made a dubious announcement of a successful H-Bomb test last year, this latest was unquestionably one,  and North Korea has joined the club with flourish. Two months ago I posted on:

Perhaps he is smarter than we think, for he is now in a negotiating position to take my recommendation:

First he says my missiles were always an attempt at going to Mars.  He argues, though, that his country would stop testing them and disarm all their nuclear bombs if ALL other nations do so too.

If I lived in South Korea, Japan, Guam and Hawaii, I would be a tad worried about his H-Bomb missile striking me.  Come to think of it, I do live in Hawaii.  Even then, I don't place this fat kid in the monster category.  More, a shrewd leader who is taking a huge risk.

About my life, I already feel relieved that, from April 29 next year I won't be posting daily.  If you clicked on that article, I had my real birthday party last night.  Unfortunately, the 77 on my macadamia cake was smeared, but I did have all kinds of sashimi, a double gold sake, good red wine and kalbi (galbi, Korean grilled ribs):

You can figure out the details, but those are Charlotte, Violet and myoga/chiso.  I feel sorry for the rest of the world, but in Purgatory I can have two birthday parties.  Scroll down to the next posting for the first.

I'll close with another evidence of inappropriate decadence.  The National Football League opens play today, with Kansas City at New England.  I have six fantasy teams (first time I've done this in five years), and Tom Brady is one of my QBs.

I should add that there are two more ocean storms, first Hurricane Jose, already at 120 MPH, and expected to strengthen into a Category 4 will roll over some of the very same islands in the Caribbean already destroyed by Irma:

However, all projections show a shift away from the USA:

In the Gulf, Hurricane Katia will strengthen into a Category 2 and crash into Mexico, probably close to Tampico.


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