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Friday, September 8, 2017


Herbert T. Hayashi opened Pagoda Floating Restaurant in 1964.  He had regular breakfasts here until passing away a dozen years ago at the age of 85.  The complex was sold to Peter Savio in 2010.  This was once one of my favorite places to eat, but the last time I did this must have been ten or twenty years ago.  There is also a hotel and, once, a night club, C'est Si Bon.  Amazingly enough, David Copperfield at the age of 19 got his first gig here.  

A steak and lobster order in 1964 was $3.50.   Copperfield always had beef teriyaki.  A room cost $7.50/night.  Today, people come for the buffet offerings.

The main reason why I came here was to see if the koi and other fish were still around.  Yes, they are, and you are now allowed to feed them.  They provide the koi food:

More so, turtles, mullet, ulua, and, I think, a two foot barracuda:

The place was not filled:

I mulled over having a flight of sake, as I still had a lot of shopping to do:

But I selected Kirin draft with their famous garlic chicken and potato/macaroni salad (which tastes fine, but has too much mayonnaise):

Return tomorrow for an almost antipodal extreme in cuisine:  Vintage Cave.

Super Hurricane Irma has weakened into a Category 4 at 155 MPH and will make landfall over South Florida Sunday morning.

The damage will be catastrophic.  Here, for example, is a projected map of this region in 2100 showing the possible effects of global warming and sea level rise.

Right behind is Super Hurricane Jose, now at 150 MPH.  The good news is that he will turn away from the USA after devastating a few Caribbean islands.  

Then, there is Hurricane Katia at 100 MPH in the Gulf, expected to make landfall north of Tampico at just about the same time Irma strikes early Sunday:


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