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Monday, May 9, 2016

2018 GLOBAL CRUISE: From Fantasy to Possible to Probable

What began as a delusional fantasy, became possible, and, after last night, probable:  my 2018 World Cruise.  Fittingly enough, the fantastical life I have been posting on the past few days reached a new high last night:  a Mother's Day dinner at the Waikiki Ruth's Chris Steakhouse with two possible shipmate candidates.  My reality blog site has suddenly shifted from fantasy to documentary.

As half the viewership each day are first-timers, let me summarize what is happening.  But I should again note, if you look directly above, that more than a million people have visited SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR PLANET EARTH AND HUMANITY.  I also noticed today the addition of my 220th country:  Sint Maarten.  As has been my tradition, I'll later report on this island.  So, anyway, here is how my next global adventure has developed:
  • I was having dinner at 15 Craigside with Mayumi and Tadashi Matsunaga (also Brandon and Nicki, who both work at the University Hawaii--Brandon got his PhD in biotechnology under Matsunaga) late last year and a question was asked about my future travel plans.  So I half jokingly indicated that I was thinking about taking a world cruise in January of 2017.  Professor Matsunaga then says we'd like to join me.  However, his term as president of his university did not end until March of 2017, so I shifted the cruise to January (most around the world ships tend to leave Florida on this month) of 2018.
Thus the Mother's Day dinner.  Azumi and Kaori met me at House Without a Key:

If you look to the top, this is exactly where my photo was taken.  We then walked across the street to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse:

I had a glass of Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon with a Caesar Salad:

They ordered filet and lobster, sharing a Caesar Salad, mushrooms and mashed potatoes.  I recently had a Japanese wagyu steak, so only added shoestring potatoes and escargot:

There is a mild language barrier, for I don't speak any Japanese, but they both can communicate in English.  I keep saying both, for they recently together went on a Caribbean cruise, and I might have missed the nuances, but, at this time, one or both of them seem interested in joining me for my 2018 World Cruise.  I see them next week at the Kichijoji Dai Ichi Hotel, where Professor Matsunaga will have a 35th anniversary party.  No, that's not his age.  Then, maybe later this year a short cruise for the five of us, as and he and his wife have never before been on a large ship for any length of time.

Anyone else out there who wants to join us, please let me know.  Some time before the year is over I will need to make a fateful decision, and we will all together determine which cruise line to take.

Tonight I join Kenji's Safari to Napa for a week of golf.  There are 58 golf courses in this general area.  I show this logo because I have long been lobbying for us to one year try somewhere more exotic.  Then, from San Francisco to Incheon, followed by Tokyo for me.


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