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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Can the Libertarian Party make a difference this year?  YES!!!  A poll conducted in March showed the following:
  • Hillary Clinton    42%
  • Donald Trump    34%
  • Gary Johnson 11% (bottom right)
Add 34 and 11 and you get 45%, which would beat 42%.  Of course, all of the 11% would not go to Trump.  But this  survey came a couple of months before the rousing Libertarian Party Convention this past week in Florida.  People are generally ticked off about the state of politics today and the masses are idiotic enough to vote on a whim for someone like a Libertarian.

Bet you don't know beans (much) about the Libertarian Party?  At the beginning, Libertarian won out over New Liberty, and the first official slogan was "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.  Thus, TANSTAAFL.

I remember when I first started teaching at the University of Hawaii in 1972 and played tennis with a Bank of Hawaii official.  His name was Sam Slom.  He was a Libertarian.  Still is, but also officially a Republican, and the only one in the Hawaii State Senate.

In a weird way, Libertarians are much like extreme Conservatives and Ultra-liberal Democrats:
  • repeal the income tax and dissolve the Internal Revenue Service
  • allow people to opt out of Social Security
  • support same-sex marriage and LGBT rights
  • eliminate social welfare system
  • end the prohibition of illegal drugs
  • pro-gun rights
  • anti-war
  • limited government
  • really really free market
  • anti-minimum wage
  • permanent shutdown of the U.S. public school system...let the free market prevail for education
  • let the free market preserve the environment because people are responsible and sensible
  • hate Obama-care
  • control immigration
  • legalize polygamy, prostitution, gambling, pornography, etc.
  • mixed on abortion
The Libertarian Party likes animal symbols.  

What was news to me, today, is that 1972 was the year of the initial Libertarian Party Convention.  I thought they had been around since the days of muskets and patriots.  In 1980 David Koch, a chemical engineer, was the Libertarian Party's vice-presidential candidate.  He and his brother Charles founded Koch Industries and they plan to contribute almost a billion dollars this year to prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Interestingly enough, the Koch brothers HATE Donald Trump!

In 1988 the Libertarian Party Presidential nominee was Ron Paul, an obsterician from Duke University, who served 24 years in the House of Representatives as a Republican.  My claim to fame is that at one time I was beating Paul in a U.S. News and World Report Debate Club competition on military spending.  In a poll released just before the Libertarian gathering, Ron Paul actually received a higher favorability rating than Johnson.  However, Paul chose not be considered.

The Libertarian Party Presidential candidate in 2012 was Gary Johnson, as he will again be this year, with former Massachusetts governor William Weld as the running mate.  Johnson was the Republican governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003.  Among his current activities is CEO of Cannabis Sativa, which aims to sell marijuana in those states allowing it.

Okay, so about the Libertarian Party making a difference this year.  First, they have no chance of getting Johnson elected President.  However, you'll note that ALL the well-known Libertarians above were former Republicans.  Even Mary Matalin (for GOP strategist and wife of Democratic consultant James Carville) recently converted.

It is becoming clear that the Republican party is fragmenting, and the Libertarian Party could be that fatal catalyst.  However, one redeeming virtue for Republicans is that if a whole bunch of Republicans pull a Matlin, and many of them show up to vote for Johnson, they will also help preserve Republican control of the U.S. Congress.  But Libertarians are among the dozen reasons for Trump losing in a landslide.


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