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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

15 CRAIGSIDE: Pink and Purple

The colors of 15 Craigside change with the season.  Last month, it was yellow:

When I returned to 15 Craigside yesterday, I saw this beautiful white flower:

To my astonishment, when I entered my apartment, I saw that both Pearl's Sunburst and a Honohono plant had bloomed:

Honohonos mostly flower in March.  No one watered them for two weeks.

There is, of course, a story about the sunburst.  When Pearl had breast cancer surgery a third of a century ago, I bought her a sunburst.  She brought it home and it turns out it grows from a bulb.  One bulb had become two, and she took good care of them and gave bulbs to friends.  All these years, even with our travels, the plants survived.  This photo was taken a year before she passed away.  When I came home from Kuakini Hospital upon her passage, a flower was beginning to bloom.

So, anyway, now comes the pink and purple part, for when I returned yesterday, this cattleya was still blooming in the lobby of the 12th floor, where I had left it nearly three weeks ago:

Looking down from the 12th floor, you can see a graveyard with pink and purple flower trees:

In the bottom right hand corner are pink shower trees:

In the center of that photo is a beautiful Jacaranda tree:

So I walked down to the graveyard and took these photos:

As you might know, the Jacaranda bloom comes with a pleasant fragrance.  When you add Plumeria flowers, the combined aroma comes across as a powerful perfume:

I was surprised to see that the Jacaranda flower is just about the same shape and size as that of the Gold Tree.

But Tabebuia donnell-smithii does not seem close to Jacaranda mimosifolia.  In any case, I'm still considering the Jacaranda if the problems with the Gold Tree cannot be solved.


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