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Friday, May 13, 2016

KENJI'S GOLF SAFARI: Day #4--Travis AFB GC and Texas Roadhouse

Today, we golfed at the Travis Air Force Base Cypress Lakes Golf Course.  Most military courses cannot be showy, so they go out of their way to be short (to save space for war training) and unkempt (to prioritize spending for war), with terrible greens.  Surprise!  Fifteen holes are longer than 370 yards and the par-3s are challenging.  The greens are like carpet, better than anything in Hawaii.  Best of all, because Kenji is a former Air Force general, we each paid $14, with cart.

Argghh...but the wind chill factor froze us.  Two highlights,  from worst the past two days to tied for first (with three others) today.  And these ducks were darling:

We went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. selected by Leroy, looking this way, with Gerry in back.   Country-Westerm music, where you throw the peanut shells on the floor:

You can pick your steak.  I asked that a rare 12 oz prime rib be seared on each side, with a Caesar Salad and corn:

This was the best meal we have had on this trip.  Tomorrow, for one day, I return to my normal blog features, but am not sure if it will be future hydrogen cars, wind power, extrasolar planets or why the Universe is expanding.


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