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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

KENJI'S GOLF SAFARI: Day 2--Rancho Solano and Sleep

Breakfast at the Hampton Inn and Suites is good enough:

You can make your own waffles, but I chose a healthy alternative:

Today,we went to Rancho Solano:

I've never in the past said who they are.  Their first safari was to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where the area has 100 premier designer golf courses.  It mostly rained, so they got in only one round.  Since then, over the past 18 years, they have focused on California and Nevada, plus Utah.  I joined a few years ago.  From the left:
  • Andy:  Hawaiian Air Lines
  • Kenji:  pilot, but also a former air force general and president of the East-West Center
  • Leroy:  a fighter pilot, who also few for Hawaiian Air
  • Gerald:  fiscal manager, Alexander and Baldwin
  • Lefty:  pilot of large cargo craft
  • David:  former director of the Florida Solar Energy Center and most noteworthy solar energy administrator ever, for he was there at the beginning of FSEC, and that was 41 years ago.
We are all retired, except for Dave.  Today we featured white and red wines:

We then dropped by Roundtable Pizza, but I forgot to take any photo of the four large pizzas we ordered, so here is Leroy with a box or 2 or 3 pieces...we each had similar boxes, which will serve as our dinner tonight.:

This lack of sleep made a huge difference in my reportage.  Here is what I wrote:

We drove from the airport to Vacaville, and arrived at 9AM.  We couldn't check into our Hampton Inn room until almost 1PM.  This is one of 13 Hilton brands, and they they have more than twice the number of rooms owned by Starwood. 

If I could have kept awake, I would have said:

We drove from the airport to Vacaville, and arrived at 9AM.  We were told nothing could be decided until 12:30PM.  We're not accustomed to being kept waiting, so we decided to make a spectacle of ourselves.  We had purchased five wines, dark and blonde Guinness beer, bottles of gin and vodka, bloody mary mix, an assortment of chips, salsa and jalapeño olives at Bevmo, the prime spot in this area to buy liquor.  We asked where we could set up, awaiting our rooms.  The staffer said anywhere you want, so we sat at a table right adjacent to where people had to check-in.  We started with beer and made a mess of newspapers we were reading.  I purposefully dropped to the floor pieces of potato chips.  Our thinking was that the more slovenly we acted, the quicker they would find rooms for us. We talked, loudly.  

Someone came down and indicated he made a mistake and needed another day.  They said they were sold out and he had to check out now, and no later than noon, or he would be charged for another day and still had to get out.  He was pissed.  We could hear things like this throughout our ordeal, which made us appreciate the stress a person at the desk had to endure.  Nothing we did seem to affect them.  Now, we could better understand why our strategy was inconsequential.  At 12:30 we began to get called for our rooms.

Incidentally, I slept 10 hours last night.  Tomorrow, on to Paradise Valley. 


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