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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Goodbye to San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.  This will be a 12 hour flight, but going west, we left at 10:30AM and will arrive in Seoul at 2:30PM because there is an eight hour time difference.  Always fly west!  Here is the first class cabin.

One of our flight attendants looked really old.  I live at 15 Craigside, and I see a lot of elderly all the time.  This stewardess surely has to be among the older ones here:

However, she was very personable, efficient and functional.  She must enjoy what she's doing.

The first course:

Then came the best tomato basil soup I've ever had:

The salad was quite good:

The steak, to my shock, was excellent, so I'll show two photos:

I could go on and on, for then followed some cheese with port, ice  cream with fudge and nuts, etc.  At mid flight we had assorted sandwiches.  Prior to arrival, at around 1PM, we had breakfast:

I might chide that the audio-visual system was barely functional.  I did watch three international films:
  • French:  about a retired 60-year old dentist who gets bored, tries a free week or so trial at a senior club, where she links up with the computer instructor the age of her two daughters.  She confesses to one of them of her affair, and her daughter rather casually indicates she too is going through such a relationship, and she has two young children.  Her still active husband, a doctor, finds out, but all ends happily at a beach.  Lots of wine is drunk.  Typical French film.  Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gave this 2013 film, Bright Days Ahead, an 86% rating.
  • Japanese:  students suffer through a tedious script with huge transition problems (the film).  What has happened to Japanese film-making?
  • Korean:  a newspaper intern stumbles through her first job under a hyper boss who has serious liver problems from drinking too much.  She quickly matures and succeeds.  Korean films always have an excellent story-line, and this one was the best of the three.
Incheon International Airport:

The bus ride to the Sheraton D-Cube City took almost an hour and a half.  Here is the assortment in their Club Lounge:

Had to take another photo just of the cake.  My "dinner":

I took a bath:

I could watch the room television while viewing the sunset from my bathtub:

Then this morning I went down to Feast for another great breakfast:

Let me describe, from bottom right:  miso soup, asparagus soup, udon, salad, abalone porridge with egg, etc.

Tomorrow, I'll describe why USA Today calls Seoul the Coolest City in the World.  I'll also tell you why I'm here.  Secret negotiations with North Korea?  A liaison?  Well....

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