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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


My posting yesterday was somewhat religious, so let me continue on a theological level.  Three major miracles would be Jesus walking on water, Moses parting the Red Sea and the Resurrection itself.  I treat each in scientific detail in my Chapter 5 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity.  My posting of almost three years ago touches on some of the more modern ones, but one nearly four years ago mentions:
  • razor blades that last for a very long time (I'm now up to three years)
  • soap at the bottom of your bed to minimize leg cramps
  • the "miracle on ice" at the 1960 Winter Olympics
Most modern miracles still relate to religion.  Here is a poorly made video clip that insults and blasphemizes.  If you want to waste 10:35 minutes of your life, go ahead, click on it.  There is something about this presentation that, unfortunately, too accurately portrays the current state of miracles.  Thus, to the right is a painting by Rufus Norman of the Resurrection.  

Here is a top ten from LISTVERSE.  With the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday, surely you want to view the top ten NFL miracles.  Then the top ten of American sports.  Okay, so are miracles mostly found in religion and sports?  Nope.

Let me give you my top three miracles:
  • #3X  The Rolling Stones:  they've been continuously entertaining for 52 years, and considering the drugs, alcohol and who knows what else they have consumed, their longevity has to border on a miracle.  Remember, the Beatles retired 44 years ago.  The X indicates this is symbolic of all other minor miracles.
  • #1A  The fact that there is a Universe estimated to be 4.354 plus or minus ten to the seventeenth power seconds, or about 13.798 billion years old, with perhaps an infinite number of Multiverses, plus prospects for Dark Energy, Dark Mass and bosons, underscores the obvious that there is so little we actually know.  Is this the eye of the Universe?
  • #1B  Intelligent life on Planet Earth.  It all started with the double helix.  Granted, much of what we do cannot be touted as particularly smart or enlightening, but the development of any life form was an incredible miracle, and the evolution of us took several more miracles.
I contend that many of those religious miracles, like those three at the top, lacked verification, as explained in my book.  My three miracles can be authenticated.

Which teleologically leads to what exactly was the beginning, and the argument that it must then have been God.  But a corollary question is:  Who created God?  And so on, ad infinitum.  Perhaps simple and random luck might have been the reason for something when it could have just as easily been nothing.  We are essential, for without us, there would be no appreciation of  our mysterious Universe.  Kind of like the Geico commercial showing a tree falling with no witness.


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