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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


On page 2 of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser this morning was a photo of Rose Fostanes competing in X-Factor Israel.  So I looked into this and thought what an ideal moment to post on what I personally consider to be the best Idol, Got Talent and X-Factor performances of all time.

Rose is a chubby 47-year old care giver from the Philippines working in Israel.  Can you imagine the odds against her?  This is her December 26 clip, and note that she is looking better. 

Generally considered to be #1 on American Idol is Fantasia Barrino's Summertime.


Of course, Britain's Got Talent 47-year old Susan Boyle's audition with I Dreamed a Dream was the all-time greatest shock...truly stunning...utterly amazing.  Her singing, yes, but watch the faces and comments of judges Simon Cowell and Pierce Morgan.  If you've never seen this, click on Susan, expand to full screen and turn up the volume.  This will make your day and if you don't have tears in your eyes, something is wrong with you.  Her first album, I Dreamed  a Dream, became the UK's best-selling album of all time.  As of last year, she has sold 19 million albums worldwide with two Grammies.

My favorite is 10-year Jackie Evancho (above).  Here is her first audition for America's Got Talent.  Again, full screen, high volume:  your mind won't believe what your eyes and ears tell you.  Piers Morgan appears again and says all the right things.  You've just got to see Jackie.  For the record, neither Susan nor Jackie won, they came in second, and both first place winners were rather mundane.  Here is Britain's Diversity to the left and America's Michael Grimm to the right.

Hope she doesn't crash and burn like Charlotte Church (left and right), who is finally beginning to  recover at the age of 27.  This is Charlotte   at 13.  Both Jackie and Charlotte have angelic voices.

What, no men?  Well, the #1 performance of all time might have been Liu Wei from China's Got Talent.  He has no arms and plays a piano with his toes.:

I don't think he has any special and extraordinary physical talent.  Wei just shows what anyone can do with motivation and perseverance. Can you then imagine where the world might be some time in the future when all optimize their capabilities, working together in harmony for Planet Earth and Humanity?  This might be a millennium away, but light takes a hundred thousand years just to travel from one end of our Milky Way Galaxy to the other, and there are, perhaps, 500 billion galaxies in our Universe...and that is just Our Universe.


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