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Sunday, January 5, 2014

KAUAI: Princeville to Poipu

I might have mentioned that the pounding surf, so far away, as the hotel is on a high cliff, is overpoweringly loud, and, standing here to take these photos at the St Regis in Princeville, I can't hear the doorbell ring:

I might add that to the left of this view is Hanalei Beach where South Pacific was largely filmed in 1958.  The opening scene is Bloody Mary's Bali Hai.  A particularly memorable clip is of Juanita Hall singing Happy Talk to France Nuyen and John Kerr.

This occurs at the Slippery Slide in Kilauea, which was the backyard of our home when I worked for Kilauea Sugar Company.  Here are Pearl and Pepper on our side of the waterfall:

I've always thought that France Nuyen and Pearl were twins, and South Pacific could well be my all-time favorite movie because I could identify with so much of it.  Every scene is memorable.

Next, a champagne (actually, Kir) brunch at the St. Regis:

My table is just to the right with these views:

 You can see Hanalei Beach in the background  The spread was fabulous:

However, the W Hotel at Walker Hill in Seoul is still #1, but costs twice this St Regis brunch.  I ate three courses:

Diane, Ivan and I thought the "If It's Tueday, It Must be Belgium" schedule we had was too hectic, so we decided to relax today and enjoy the St Regis.  So I had a lengthy spa bath in my from with a view of Hanalei Bay:

Next, on to Poipu.


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