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Thursday, January 9, 2014


Try selling global warming to people living in Chicago, Boston and International Falls, who are experiencing record cold temperatures this month.  Well, there actually is an explanation:  climate change is driving the historic cold snap!   There is even a term for this phenomenon:  a polar vortex.

This kind of scientific mumbo-jumbo actually annoys the masses who think they are being hoodwinked by scientists.  BUT WHY?  I've asked this a thousand times:  would you rather believe a broad spectrum of dedicated specialists trying to do their job or fossil fuels company executives who hire disinformation experts?

Here are some recent surveys:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Climate change and extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy are an urgent problem that can disrupt the economy and harm small businesses?

2.  Gallup Politics:  72% 14 years ago, versus 58% today


4.  No wonder, then, that in Hawaii, the Star Advertiser had a poll this week, and two thirds of local residents said they would NOT be willing to pay $1 more on their monthly power bill for "green" energy development such as biofuels.  A pity for our future.

How serious is global climate change?

1.  Sure it is now cold, but this past November, only two months ago, was the warmest on record for Planet Earth.  Those living in Russia can appreciate this fact.  November was also the 345th consecutive month with a global temperature above the 20 year average.  Hmmm...I wonder if this streak will be broken this month.  Keep in mind, though, that this figure is for the entire globe, and, the USA was also rather cool this past month of November.

2.  The very latest report published by NATURE (that is the 9January2014 issue, but this information is from 2January2014) is that Earth's temperature is rising quicker than previously projected.  By 2100 the increase could be 7.2 F, and 14.4 F by 2200.  Try getting something accepted by NATURE.  The review process is comprehensive and difficult.

3.  With tracking and solar, surely, carbon dioxide emissions are now dropping?  NOPE!  If you sum up all the carbon released by us humans into the atmosphere, this discharge is actually accelerating, and a quarter of all the carbon dioxide ever pumped occurred from 2000 to 2010.

4.  There are two new books essentially saying something just has got to be done about this.  What about geoengineering?

These efforts are generally derided by most, for society is afraid to take mega steps.    I know, for I was a co-author suggesting that artificial upwelling from ocean thermal energy conversion as the driving power for the Blue Revolution could remediate climate warming.  My chapter 5 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth reported on a workshop I orchestrated in 1989 on "Mitigation of Global Greenhouse Warming Program."  We obtained seed funding and produced a $3 million proposal for Year One and was instructed by the National Science Foundation that the science has to come before the geoengineering, so go away and come back in a decade.  Well, it has been a quarter century now.  

Make your day with an article by Frances Beinecke, President of the National Resource Defense Councils:


After this article was posted, someone sent me a message that Australia was suffering from another heat wave.


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