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Monday, January 6, 2014

KAUAI: Waimea Canyon and Hamura Saimin

We are staying at the Sheraton Kauai Resort, which was badly damaged in 1992 by Hurricane Iniki.  It took five years for the rebirth.  Our postcard view enjoying a Beringer Cab:

Rum Fire was closed, so we had dinner at Lava.  I had a steak sandwich:

The waffle fries were terrific.

I felt almost cold because the temperature must have been close to 70 F with a chilling breeze, but it occurred to me that the high tomorrow will be, perhaps, up to 84 F, or exactly 100 degrees warmer than Chicago.  Otherwise on matters of greater importance, the San Francisco 49ers did prevail over the Green Bay Packers at temperatures as low as - 15 F, so my pick for the Super Bowl champ remains alive.

We drove to Waimea Canyon, which was spectacular:

The Canyon is ten miles long and 3000 feet deep, with two observable waterfalls here.  Kalalau Lookout was also impressive:

Was this Pearl's Ashes #43???  Kauai itself was formed by a volcano five million years ago, and one reason for this super canyon is the rainfall at Mount Waialeale--many times the wettest spot on Planet Earth-- which provides a lot of erosion power.

We then had to try Hamura Saimin for lunch.  The parking at this Manago Hotel restaurant equivalent on Kauai is difficult, there is always a line and the food is marginal.

We each had the Special Saimin, which has more vegetables, and a stick of teriyaki beef.  The saimin was good, but the barbecue was tough.  The highlight of this meal was a middle-aged lady sitting next to us who told us everything anyone would ever want to know about this place.  She comes three times/week and always orders a medium saimin and three shrimp tempura.  The total tab for the three of us with tip was around $35.

Finally, we left Lihue:

Landed at the Honolulu International Airport, with the West side of Oahu in view (Ko Olina and the Hawaii Electric Kahe Powerplant):

Finally, thank you Hawaiian Airlines.  They charge you for everything, but are efficient.

The day following we had lunch with Ann and Stan at Orchids:


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