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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Okay, now, how many of you know what XLVIII means?  This will be Super Bowl 48.

The game itself takes place two weekends from now, on Sunday, February 2, at 6:30PM Eastern time (1:30PM Hawaii) in East Rutherford, New Jersey at MetLife Stadium.  Huh?  Won't it snow?  Well, it could, for the forecast is for  freezing temperatures at kick-off.  The previous coldest  was 39 F at the 1972 Super Bowl in open air New Orleans. 

So why here?  The National Football League traditionally rewards the local citizenry who pays for much of a new stadium cost.  That  has happened in the past and will soon occur again--2016--after the 49ers move to Santa Clara, for those residents dished in hundreds of millions for Levi's Stadium.  Levi Strauss payed $220 MILLION for naming rights.  MetLife, incidentally, forked over $400 million for their longer term rights.

Superbowl 2013 was held in the Superdome (yes, Mercedes paid $100 million for ten years) for an entirely different reason.  To help New Orleans recover from Hurricane Katrina.  I was there the following year of that storm for the Sugar Bowl, and that dome is a technological wonder.  You can actually feel the sound of the crowd because of the enclosed acoustics.

While the 2015 Super Bowl will be held in the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, there will be a cold weather game at least every four years, because standing in line for one are Dan Snyder's Washington Redskins stadium, Robert Kraft's New England Patriots facility and Pat Bowlen's Denver Broncos field.

For the record, the first NCAA Football Championship game on 12January2015 will be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and Glendale is competing for the 2016 game.  AT&T, which is now headquartered in Dallas, pays $18 million/year for this recognition.

Who plays in #48?  The winners of the games tomorrow:
  • San Francisco at Seattle
  • New England at Denver
No terrible weather ordeal this week, as the Denver (quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning) temperature is supposed to rise to 50 F or so.  Both games should be entertaining.  

My pick from weeks ago to win it all was the SFO 49ers.  By the way, it had to take an act of Congress to overcome the Sherman Antitrust Act to merge the American with National Football Leagues, and Superbowl I saw the Green Bay Packers crush the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10.  To the left, quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick is 6'4" and Russell Wilson is 5'11".

But the commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl.  Memorable last year as the grossest or kinkiest was the Go Daddy's kiss.  Go Daddy is a web hosting company, whatever that is.

However, the top ten from 2013 did NOT include this ad.  I spent 12 minutes watching them all, and the beauty of most of these masterpieces is that you had no idea what company was being touted...until the very end.  #1?  Joe Montana and pods, marketed by Tide.  Go ahead, click on this.  A few smiles, some tears, a worthwhile 12 minutes of your day.

Ad Blitz apparently has teaser 2014 super bowl commercials already watchable.  If that didn't work, try You Tube.   Doritos has a $1 million dollar contest again, and here is one of the finalists to the right.  Now you don't have to watch the game itself.

No super ocean storms, but there are three you should avoid if you're on a ship, and Tropical Storm Lingling close to Tacloban is moving away:


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