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Thursday, January 23, 2014


As penthouses go, my three have been rather ordinary.  The first was more than forty years ago at The Coronet, a block mauka of the Academy of Arts.

Then, of course, Craigside at 2101 Nuuanu, which is up for sale:

There is another penthouse in my condo complex also for sale:

But you need $9.8 million to buy this one.

My imminent move is to 15 Craigside Place:

Well, there is a solarium above my apartment for entertainment, but my unit is on the highest living floor.  It is indeed ironic, but the most expensive penthouses in Honolulu are in Kakaako, where I grew up:

Some truly grand penthouses are planned for Kakaako.  It is reported that the Waiea condominium project at Ward Village, just steps away from 524A Ahui Street, my childhood address, will be topped with a $50 million penthouse.  Here is the expected view:

The latest info, though, is that the Howard Hughes representative was misquoted, and the actual price might be a measly $22.5 million.  Whatever, these are pedestrian compared to the truly grand ones.
Two $55 million penthouses, one on top of Opus Hong Kong (left), designed by Frank Ghery, and a second planned for the Mansions at Aqualina (right), Miami.

New York City, of course, has become notorious for its excess in penthouses, with the most expensive being the $125 million Pierre penthouse:

In London at One Hyde Park is a $233 million apartment of Ukrainian steel baron Rinat Akhemetov and the $300 million 27,000 square feet unit owned by Quatari funds:

The Odeon Tower in Monaco will only have 70 apartments in 49 stories, but the sky penthouse will cost $250 million, or, maybe up to $370 million .... and maybe even $387 million:

Mind you, homes on the ground remain more expensive, as for example, Mukesh Ambani's $ 1 billion Antilia in Mumbai, India:

This home has 27 stories, just about as tall as my entire building.

Moving on to something else I won't be doing much after I become a resident of 15 Craigside (because they supply three meals/day, and anytime I miss one, that would be as good as wasting $20) I picked up a lunch from Uncle's:

I had a Chinese-style steamed Munchong under a coconut tree on Magic Island:

This fish looks like this:

Also called Lustrous Pomfret, it can get up to 20 pounds.  Of course I had my usual view of Diamond Head, plus a hundred surfers catching head-high faces.  Those large waves on the north side wrap around to the south.

I should mention that the largest surf in Hawaii might be at Jaws on Maui.  It is said that:

The biggest wave surfed in the world each year has been at Pe’ahi more than any other place.

I would think that Portugal might have something else to say about that.


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