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Thursday, January 16, 2014


How did the French elect Prime Minister Francois Hollande, who separated from his wife, Segolene Royal (61), with four children, to consort with a journalist, Valerie Trierweiler?  Now, he abandons Trierweiler for French actress Julie Gayet.  Here are the three in that order from left to right.

Hollande with current "official" French First Lady, Valerie Trierweiler (48), in better times.  Since the affair went public she has been hospitalized for extreme stress.  My Sunday Bonbons posting of a year and a half ago showing them cavorting on two beaches drew a particularly large number of readers.

Julie Gayet is not exactly young, at 42, and is divorced with two children.  Hollande is only 59.  She has been been in 50 full-length films and co-directed one.  She sings.  Five minutes more of Julie.

Reactions?  From a French newscast.  Here is Euronews.  Then a You Tube clip produced by Taiwanese animators.

Hollande's (here with still official wife in their younger days) popularity was a dismal 23% when this all started.  Today?  French women boosted his rating to 26%.  Why?  Trierweiler was not all that popular anyway, blamed for being responsible for the break-up of Hollande's first marriage.  Many accuse her hospitalization as emotional blackmail.

While Barack Obama was reported by Rasmussen today with a 51% popularity, I wonder if a simple dalliance might up that rating?  That selfie with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, with British Prime Minister David Cameron horning in and Michelle looking displeased (she said she wasn't) probably helped.

Anyway, the French are different.  More than half of children are born to unwed mothers.  Actually, Americans are catching up, for while in 1960 only 5% of births were from single females, in 2011 this figure jumped to 42%.  Racial extraction makes a big difference, as 71% of black women were unmarried, with Asian women at 17%.  However the latest from CBS News announced that 48% of births were out of wedlock.

Okay, then, what other measure of decadence can I compare?  Ah, that's enough.  Let me close with some sunset shots last night while I was having a fried opakapaka with a particularly excellent Junmai Daiginjo, ending with the moonset this morning:


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