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Saturday, January 11, 2014


This is a fabulous sports and entertainment weekend for me.  On TV, the Rainbow Warrior Men's Volleyball team beat Ohio State Thursday night and Penn State last tonight.  Tonight, the championship game against UCLA.  All the teams are ranked, with the Hawaii team rated below (meaning not as good) the other three.

Of course, there are four NFL football games that pretty much take up seven hours on Saturday and seven hours on Sunday.  Then, the SONY Open Golf Tournament at the Waialae Golf Club.

On Thursday, I followed around Zach Johnson, who won the Tournament of Champions on Maui last week:

This is the picturesque 17th hole:

From the fairway of the 18th looking towards the green:

I show this scene in particular because the invitation you want is to the First Hawaiian Bank Skybox, which is the one in the middle.  Here is my view of the 18th green from my seat.

There is no better way to watch the finish.  There are seats for around a hundred favored people.  They even have VIP outdoor toilets.  Yes, us VIPs deserve such comforts.  The food is local:  salad, chili, rice, hot dog, portuguese soup, a variety of chips, with beer and wine.  Even the entrance to the tournament is free.

How cold is it where you are?  The past two days on the course have been spectacular.  Mostly sunny, temperature up to 80 F and a slight breeze.  However, rain is predicted by the end of the day and Sunday.  No matter, for I was planning to watch this and those NFL games on TV at home.    The Golf Channel will televise the tournament from 9 AM to 12:30 PM (EST) over the weekend.

Tomorrow, I report on the Beachboys Concert in Honolulu.  They were here 50 years ago:

The Beach Boys Program

I was there.  Even the venue will be the same this time, the Honolulu International Center Arena, although this is now called the Arena of the Neil Blaisdell Center.  In 1980 I happened to be working for the U.S. Senate, so went to their Fourth of July Concert on the Mall, and watched them play these songs:

Just click above on any song and find out everything you want to know about it.  Unfortunately, it had rained hard that day, and the afternoon show was a muddy mess.  I was wearing rubbah slippahs, which made getting around difficult and squeamish.

The eye of Tropical Cyclone Ian missed Tonga, but gusts close to 180 MPH caused some some damage:

Now at 130 MPH, Ian is at 130 MPH and heading south to nowhere.  In the Indian Ocean, Tropical Cyclone Colin is also at 130 MPH but is not threatening any island:


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