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Saturday, January 4, 2014


If you've been following my trip to the Big Island and Kauai with Diane and Ivan, we drove to Hilo, and stopped by Rainbow Falls, which was site #1 for laying Pearl's ashes:

We then flew from Hilo to Lihue via Honolulu, and drove to the north side of Kauai.  We first stopped by the Kilauea Japanese  Cemetery to honor my grandfather Kenjiro.  Here are Diane and I at Kenjiro's gravestone.  There was so much wear, that Diane could not truly read the characters.  However, I later confirmed this as the correct one.  How?

Well, my 20January2011 posting showed Misa Tamura (his wife's father found this gravestone) here:

We then toured the Daniel K Inouye Kilauea Lighthouse next door, which has spectacular views:

We then visited the Waniha Powerhouse, a legacy of Kenjiro Takahashi, my grandfather.  This system:

was dedicated in 1906 at 3 MW, and today, 107 years later, with the same input, produces 3 MW.

We checked into the St. Regis, and the three of us enjoyed some wine with the pounding surf of Hanalei Bay in the background, a view from my room:

We went down to Kauai Grill for dinner,which Diane and Ivan seemed to enjoy.  I had my reservations.  I loved the salmon sushi (over crispy/burnt teriyaki coated rice):

which was served with an excellent Kato Marlborough Sauvignon Blance.  Next was a fancy tomato soup with a Hugel 'Gentil' from Alsace and garlic bread:

The third course was a rather bland steamed onaga.  Sesame vinaigrette, shiitake and asparagus sound enticing, but perhaps I was getting filled:

The wine was a Monar Pinot Noir from Poseidon Vineyards.  The main entrée was glazed short ribs, crispy grits and an herb salad.  This was way, way too salty.  The wine was a Prisoner Zinfandel blend. I forgot to take a photo, but this dish was undeserving, anyway.  On the other hand, I saw Ivan adding salt to his dish, so who am I to question Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten (left), who has outstanding eating establishments all over the world.  The dessert was a salted caramel ice cream sundae, okay, but still much too sweet for me.  Served was a Fonseca Port, which was a terrible complement, for the dessert salt could not neutralize the overpowering sweetness of the port.

The wines were all fine, but, about the cuisine, I guess I'm getting spoiled by my Michelin 3 Star, Pellegrino Top 50 and Chaine des Rotisseurs adventures.  The total price for three was less than a few of my international lunches just for myself, so I guess I'm getting picky and fussy.

Tomorrow, on to Poipu.


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