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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The Dow Jones Industrials soared (see below).  Hawaii was named the Happiest State (above photo from that article--click on "End of the Rainbow" to read another version of Hawaii and Rainbows).  What is happening to Humanity on Planet Earth?  On Friday I am scheduled to enlighten the

engineers and architects of Hawaii

on the coming Doom!  Don't they all know that Judgement Day is on October 21, or anything about the Mayan prophecy of 2012?  Actually, these two diversions on par with astrology and the Bible do not concern me, but some monumental events seem today to be unfolding on Planet Earth.

First, earthquakes in Colorado and Virginia.  The 5.9 latest was less than one-thirtieth the power of the tremors I weathered in Tokyo in March.  These 7.0/7.1 quakes, in turn, were about a 1000 times weaker than the Great Tohoku Earthquake at 9.0.  (Click on
A FEW THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT EARTHQUAKES to calculate the difference in energy of two earthquakes.)

Then the fall (left, photo by Sean Smith) of Gadhafi in Libya, the imminent overthrow of Assad in Syria and the resignation next week of Kan of Japan.  Now you add Irene, the possible Category 4 hurricane (see below), and the next few days loom to become epochal.

Let us look at this possible doom in two ways.  This is the beginning of a new golden age...or, you've seen that horror movie...innocents, happy and totally unaware of that next frame, when...  Which will it be?  

The Dow Jones Industrials shot up 322 to 11,177 (+3%), while major world markets also all increased.  Gold, though, crashed $77/toz (most I've ever seen in one day) to $1830.  While $77 plus $1830 is $1907, the close yesterday was $1889/toz, so this is a bit confusing.  One source says that gold reached $1912 yesterday, but then declined.  But that was a European publication.  Another said a high of $1918/toz was attained.  For now, might as well use $1907/toz as the all-time high.

While Tropical Storm Nanmadol east of the Philippines will move north and become a typhoon in a day or two, all eyes are on Irene in the Atlantic. The five day forecast has her, now at 90 MPH, attaining Category 3 strength and crashing into the area south of Greenville, North Carolina, then moving on to Norfolk/Virginia Beach, and could still be a hurricane when Irene oozes over New York City.  I just sent a package today to Sophia Pearl Takahashi, my niece born this month, who lives in Greenville, and, yesterday, I pooh poohed some information sent to me about a future hurricane devastating Manhattan.  Here are the latest computer models:


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