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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Let me start with the only real news today, Hurricane Irene, which is at 115 MPH:
and heading for North Carolina on Saturday.  Part of the eye will make landfall near the North Carolina/Virginia border, then head for New York City on Sunday.  The only question is whether the winds will remain above 100 MPH when it gets to Manhattan. There will be considerable rain, anyway, so it will be debatable if the subways and Wall Street will function on Monday.  Here are some computer models on the path projected for Irene:

I should indicate that all this information is from Weather Underground, an excellent site for details.

Further, in the West Pacific, there is Typhoon Nanmadol, now at 105 MPH, but to become a Category 4 storm by Saturday, and could head for Okinawa, except that computer models show Nanmadol moving east and missing those islands:

Just east of Nanmadol is Tropical Storm Talas, to be come a hurricane soon, but should probably continue to move north and east away from Japan.

Okay, so on to the Military Industrial Complex, as well represented by the Iron Triangle, which...

...has effectively released it's regular fear posting about the danger of China.  Entitled:

Pentagon:  China military growing rapidly

and penned by Lolita Baldor.  Her article on the national debt earlier this month included a paragraph:

The prospect of nearly $1 trillion in cuts unnerves military leaders, troubles lawmakers protective of the Pentagon and has touched off a scramble in the defense industry as contractors look to spare their multibillion-dollar weapons programs.

Earlier this summer in the Huffington Post, she reports on cyberwars, with a hint that China might be involved.

I am anti-war.  I'm sure she is not pro-war.  This is just her beat, and she interacts with the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).  She needs to gain their confidence, so can't be too critical.  However, Lolita is part of the process cleverly orchestrated by the MIC.  Read about her in blogrunner.

So about today's article:

1.  China's stealth fighter:  it is reported that China reverse engineered a F-117 downed in the Kosovo war.  That was more than 20 years ago.  The photo on the left was released to the American public early this year at about the same time then DOD Secretary Gates reported on possible $78 billion cuts to the defense budget.  How serious is this?  First China is actually in the process of reducing the number of fighters they have by 50%.   Yes, not increasing, but decreasing.  In 2020 they will hope to have 50 J20's.  Today, we have more than 2,000 fighter jets.  From all internal (to the public, it is made a big deal) reports, these fighters will be no match for American equivalents.  Avionics are everything in these planes, and America prevails by a wide margin.  By the way, this is that Lockheed Martin F117:
I don't think they look alike.

2.  China just this month had sea trials of their very first aircraft carrier.  I wouldn't be too concerned, for China bought this skeleton from the Ukraine in 1998 for $20 million, originally to become a floating casino.  Maybe that was a cover story, but it took a dozen years to restore the Varyag (whose keel was laid in 1985, but was never completed).  Oh, it doesn't have any airplanes yet.  Anyway, Taiwan this week unveiled Hsiung Feng III, an "aircraft carrier killer:"
Note in the background is what appears to be a Chinese aircraft carrier crippled by what might be a missile.  No wonder China is mad at the U.S., for guess where this weapon really came from?

3.  Now, about their budgets.  According to that article cited above, China spent $120 billion in 2010 on its military, while the U.S. had a budget of $550 billion.  However, as my latest HuffPo on this subject indicated, the real 2010 war budget of the USA was closer to $3 trillion, which is 25 times more than that $120 billion.  Thus, on a per capita basis, the U.S. spends 433 times more than China on war.

I end this posting with another version of President Eisenhower's plea, warning us about the Military Industrial Complex.  This was a few months more than 50 years ago.

The Dow Jones Industrials declined 171 to 11,150, with world markets also dropping, except for the Orient. Gold recovered $12/toz, now up to $1771.  The Brent Spot is steady at $111/barrel, and the WTI  Cushing is at $85/barrel.  Apple only slipped 0.5%.


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