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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


U.S. News annually publishes their version of Best Colleges, but I just noticed in Forbes their Best Undergraduate Schools, based not on reputation, but student outcomes.  The list is surprising:

  #1  Williams College (yes, their mascot is a purple cow)
  #2  Princeton University
  #3  U.S. Military Academy (West Point) (what?)
  #4  Amherst College
  #5  Stanford University
  #6  Harvard University
  #7  Haverford College (huh?)
  #8  University of Chicago
  #9  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
#10  U.S. Air Force Academy (indicated that the worth of education here was $415,000)

The list last year was about the same, but I noticed that Yale (mascot is a bulldog, left), at #10 in 2010, was #14 this year, and, what happened to Columbia University (mascot is a royal lion, right):  #13 in 2010 and #42 in 2011.  The U.S. Naval Academy was #17 and Duke University #22.

Stanford University once was known as the Indians, but that became unacceptable, so they then turned to the Cardinal, a color, not the bird. So, by default, on came the tree:

For the record, Webometrics, out of Madrid, Spain, has a Top 50 Global Universities ranking, with #1 MIT (mascot is a beaver), #2 Harvard and #3 Stanford.  40 out of 50 are American universities, with the best international schools being National Taiwan University (right) #12, Tokyo University #16 and University of Cambridge #19.

As this posting is all about education, let me end with a few jokes from Forex Mom:

1.  Why teachers drink.

2.  If you are a mother, you must, absolutely must, click on gonna be a bear when I die.

Dow Jones Industrials, after being down 123, ended up plus 21 at 11,560, with world markets being mixed.  Gold jumped $40/toz to $1829, and oil is at $89/barrel (WTI) and $115/barrel (Brent).

Tropical Storm Katia will become a Category 3 hurricane by Friday and is following essentially the same path as Irene:

In the West Pacific, Tropical Storm Talas, to soon become a typhoon, is now heading for Kansai:
Fukushima appears to be safe.


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