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Sunday, August 28, 2011


What a relief.  A few casualties and a good amount of damage, but the worse case scenario did not happen.  Here is Tropical Storm Irene on Sunday morning...

after sparing New York City only as a tropical storm.  Times Square already has people wandering around.

Here is Irene around mid afternoon on Sunday:

By the way, Tropical Storm Jose is just to the east of Irene, but will dissipate over the next few days.  There are two other depressions to watch out for in the Atlantic.

In the West Pacific, Typhoon Nanmadol at 85 MPH is a day away from striking southern Taiwan.  When last mentioned it was a storm east of the Philippines predicted to move north towards Okinawa.  But, no, in the past few days, Nanmadol went west towards the northern Philippines, became a Category 4 storm, brushed the island, weakened into a Category 1, and is scheduled to move over Taiwan.  To the right (Reuters), residents of Baguio City.  Nanmadol will probably kill as many people as Irene, if not more.

Well, can't guess them right all the time.  The next Japan Prime Minister will be Yoshihiko Noda, their Minister of Finance.

Before I leave, Hawaii's Michelle Wie did okay today at the Canadian Open, but did not win, for Brittany Lincicome (right) did.  There will be a second coming of Michelle in a year after she graduates from Stanford and focuses on golf.  Her form below at the Canadian Open yesterday:

Sunday was wet because of Hurricane Irene, the rain band getting all the way to Montreal:

Note her bag, which she designed.  Reminds me of a Filipino jeepney:
Note that this one says Patrick.  Have a great weekend!


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