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Sunday, August 14, 2011


From the new to the old.  Tonight (Sunday) you can dream with my current favorite singer, Jackie Evancho, 8PM on your PBS station.  At the age of 10, she
only came in second in the 2010 version of America's Got Talent, but the most recent American Idol, 17 year old Scotty McCreery, will release his first full CD on October 14.  It'll be country/western.

The talented idols of half a century ago were on PBS last night with MALTSHOP MEMORIES.  I missed the early part, but saw this very old man above, he must have been 90, singing "Sealed with a Kiss (this is the 1988 version)."  It was Brian Hyland (half a century ago, left), and he is today 3 years younger than me!

Then came Frankie Avalon...eventually singing "Venus."  He looks great, but, has largely lost his singing voice, and must have had a mild stroke, as his left eye looks smaller.  I am 12 days older than him.  He remains entertaining.

The last time I caught him on TV was at least half a century ago, but on came Fabian, all of 68, looking good, but different, and too, has generally lost his voice.  Performed "Turn Me Loose" and "Tiger'  Kind of sad, but still nice to see them again.

Bobby Rydell (69), like Avalon and Fabian, also came from South Philadelphia.  Why?  Dick Clark's American Bandstand emanated from that city.  The three today perform together as the Golden Boys.  Rydell lookes fine and still has has his singing voice.

Little Anthony (I'm 4 months older than him--lower right on the right--looks good and sings well) and the Imperials were fabulous: "Tears on My Pillow (1958)" and "I'm Going Out of My Head."    They were finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009, 23 years after they were eligible.

The Angels (original members are around my age), sounded okay with "My Boyfriend's Back." There is speculation that this clip is from the Ed Sullivan Show in 1963. This would have been their first national exposure.  Actually, earlier that year, they made a demo for later recording by the Shirelles, but this version was so perfect that it was released and stood at #1 for three weeks that year.  Couldn't find a recent photo, but picture them 50 years later.

Lesley Gore, 59, performed a number of songs, and is best known for 'It's My Party."

Little Peggy March was a shock to me.  First, she looks decent (she's only 58), but all these years I thought she was black.  This is Peggy singing "I Will Follow Him" in 1963 (she was 14 and remains the youngest female to reach #1 on the Billboard top 100) and 2011.  The song, co-composed by Paul Mauriat, has quite a history, as it first was a 1961 instrumental in France, then a #1 hit in Europe sung by Petula Clark.  Frankly, not sure when that right photo of grown up Peggy was taken, but it must have been a many few years ago.



pattygolden said...

Jackie Evancho, contributes to my belief in reincarnation.

Paul von Ward, a Harvard educated doctor is an authority on this subject.

Thought you might enjoy this - Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" in Japanese by another adorable young lady.


As a chemical engineer and being Japanese, I appreciated your sending me to this Tom Lehrer link. Mahalo.