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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My series on the ocean as our next economic frontier comes to an end tomorrow, when I provide a strategy on how to start the Blue Revolution.  For today, let us enjoy the visions of a few dreamers.  There are Greek and Renaissance thoughts, but  one of the recent super fantasizers was Buckminster Fuller a half century ago with his Triton City:
He designed the above for Tokyo Bay, but passed away in 1966 before anything could happen.

A floating city has already been operating for nearly a decade, the World:
Okay, it just looks like another cruise liner, but it is a floating condo that is sufficiently different.  Originally the cheapest home sold for $900,000, but now is up to $1,450,000, with a minimal annual maintenance fee of $160,000.  It just keeps circumventing the globe.

Next, maybe, a big maybe, Freedom Ship:
About 4500 feet long, 25 stories with up to 33,000 rooms for 60,000 people, at a cost exceeding $10 billion.  Funding has been a problem.

Patri Friedman and his Seasteading Institute (SI) have been gathering people and funds for a floating something.  

Kind of looks like Fuller's Triton City.  SI has a site which reported on Shimizu's Green Float:
When you get to that portal, click on the video of this concept.  Then, for Tokyo Bay, there is the smaller Kawasaki Island:

What about the New Orleans Arcology Habitat (NOAH) with a 1200 foot tower on the banks of the Mississippi inspired by Katrina?

From Europe comes the Principality of Sealand:
It is the best known micronation in the world, and the story of this structure will someday be a movie.

Then there is the city of dreams:  Celestopea:
Terms like, hydrogen, harvesting gold from the sea and OTEC are sprinkled in their goals.

The European Union has advanced VISIONS:

Vincent Callebut of Belgium has his Lilypad:

Wolf Hilbertz from Germany, Autopia Ampere:

You can go on and on, actually, so here is a portal providing twelve artificial and floating islands, including some of the above:  WebEcoist.

Tomorrow:  the best hope for the Blue Revolution--the Pacific International Ocean Station.
Oh, oh, the Dow Jones Industrials sunk another 266 (-2%) to 11,867, while world markets also significantly fell.  The eighth straight drop.  What is happening?  America is not in default.  So there is some anxiety about falling economic indicators and something bad about what is happening to the Swiss franc, but I really thought the debt ceiling agreement would send the market up.  Shows how much I know.  What is ominous is that gold zoomed $34/toz to $1654, a sign that another recession is coming, and, oh yeah, this was another world record.  In any case, investors are taking money out of the stock market into something that you can keep and hoard.  Not a good sign for the the months, and years, to come.

There are three named storms:

From the right, Tropical Storm Emily is at 40 MPH and appears headed for Florida, but does not today to have the oomph to become a hurricane.  It will cause some problems for Haiti.  In the east Pacific, Hurricane Eugene is at 95 MPH, but is moving away from Mexico and should dissipate in a few days:

The really dangerous storm is Typhoon Muifa, now a Category 3 at 125 MPH, but soon will become a Category 4, and, hopefully, weaken a bit when it slams into Naha within two days.  After devastating some of the Okinawa islands, Muifa is still projected to largely spare Shanghai and move towards South Korea, but weaken.



Guy@NELHA said...

This is an inspiring blog post, Pat! These are just the kinds of conceptuals that get lots of the new generation of leaders excited.

Yes, the Pacific Int'l Ocean Station is an important project that must get started right away!



Well, tomorrow, PIOS.