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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Last month I had a two part series on whether seafood can cause Alzheimer's.  Part 3 is still coming.

Today, three kinds of troublesome, maybe even, morbid, but not all necessarily bad, medical news:

1.  Sanjay Gupta of CNN this week focused on the matter of erectile dynsfunction (ED) being the leading indicator of heart disease in men.  Watch his "The Last Heart Attack" tomorrow (Sunday, 8PM EDT) on CNN.  No one but he talks about it, but this malady affects 30 million in the USA.  It has all to do with those blood vessel endothelial cells.  But this is not like a certainty, for "only" 1.6 times more with ED were likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke.  The younger ED happens, these odds significantly increase.  If you're already old, well, then, you're mostly too old.

2.  While on the surface, this sounds good, we don't want to encourage obesity.  However, Sirtris announced that their drug, SRT-1720 does, apparently, prolong the life of fat mice.  My posting two years ago (serializing the eternal life chapter of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity), provided early details.  The magic potions are sirtuins, related to resveratrol, the ingredient giving red wine all that good publicity.  However, there is no way you can drink enough (you get too much ethanol for your liver--that is the largest glandular organ in your body shown below) wine to provide the concentration you need, so this pill somehow does that.  Keep tuned in, though, to SRT-2104, for this is the one that is being developed for fat (and any shape) people.
3.  In their August 8-14, 2011 issue, Bloomberg Businessweek reported the following U.S. prices for your organs (foreign prices in parentheses):

Heart    $997,700 (China:  $130,000)
Liver    $523,400 (China:  $130,000)
Kidney $259,000  (China:    $62,000,
                           India:     $15,000)
   pint   $      337  (India: $25)


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