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Friday, August 19, 2011


It was half a century plus two years minus two days ago that Hawaii became the 50th State in the Union.  I write about this today because Admissions Day is a local holiday.  It's also Afghan Independence Day (1919), but they've never really been all that independent.  
Actually, President Dwight Eisenhower signed the bill on 18March1959, and the local citizens had first to vote on this matter.  90% did cast ballots, for which 94% said yes.  Thus, on 21August1959 Eisenhower signed the proclamation.  Dan Inouye was there as our first Representative.  Interesting story of Democrat John Burns, who was the man most responsible for this victory, not being invited by the Republican White House.  Here, his face shows this insult as he returns from DC.

Where was I during this period.  Actually, I wasn't aware that this was all happening, for I was completing my freshman year at Stanford, and in August was at the Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory in Port Hueneme, California.  I really don't know what happened, and therefore missed all the festivities.

I would imagine it's not that much different in Afghanistan, but this is not a particularly celebrated day in Hawaii.  Why?  Many Hawaiians are still ticked that in 1898 Queen Liliuokalani was illegally overthrown. There is a portal.  Thus, there are no parades, no commemorations, no statue honorifications because protests happen. The state governor is told by his advisors to lay low this day.  Click on Travis Nakayama to read everything you want to know about Hawaii Statehood, and Statehood Hawaii for the history.

Another bad day on Wall Street, as the Dow Jones Industrials sunk 173 to 10,818 (now down 6.6% for the year), while world markets all fell.  The Japan Nikkei is now at 8719.  Remember, for the past several years until Fukushima, it was the same as the Dow (actually, the Nikkei at the end of 1989 loomed to hit 40,000--a possible sign that the 14,165 attained by the Dow in 2007 might never again be reached).  Gold jumped $19/toz to $1852, another all time high, and that difference between the Brent Spot ($109/barrel) and WTI Cushing Spot ($82/barrel), has grown to $27/barrel, the widest ever.  Something is happening.  The signs are ominous.  Will I now jump in on Monday?  No, I still think a Dow below 10,000 is in the offing before the end of the Fall, if not this month.

Wow, there are now seven ocean storms, four in the Atlantic and three in the Pacific:

The Atlantic storms are all along the same track that begins in Africa.  Tropical Storm Harvey will not gain hurricane strength and will crash into Belize tomorrow.  In the Pacific, Tropical Storm Fernanda is weakening, and so will Gregg.


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