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Sunday, February 26, 2012


This has been my year of going to the movies, for I have seen at least 50, probably more, and those were actually in theaters.  I also have NETFLIX (which I find sorely wanting) and HBO/Showtime (comes with the apartment).  A typical year these days experiences 1000 new full length films/year.  About the cost, I look at it this way, one night in a typically expensive hotel these days costs $500.  I spent less, much less, on those films than one night at the Park Hyatt Tokyo.  This hotel was the star of Lost in Translation.

There is a huge disconnect between those films people like me go to and the Oscar nominees, none which made the top ten.  Incredibly enough, The Smurfs is the only movie in this top ten that was not a sequel.  Worse, #1, the last Harry Potter, made $1.3 billion, while the grand total of all nine Academy Award flicks earned less than $0.6 billion.  In most ways, a sad, sad, year.  I might add that I walked out of   Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (tedious), was close to doing this for The Tree of Life (The Most Boring Movie I Have Ever Seen), could not muster the interest to bother with The Help and was truly disappointed with The Artist, which will win a bunch of awards.  

Tonight at 8:30PM ET on ABC, watch the Academy Awards, starting four and a half hours earlier with the Academy Awards Preview Show, and at 7PM ET with the Red Carpet Walk.  To be held at the Hollywood and Highland Center Theater (Kodak went bankrupt), Billy Crystal will moderate, and a billion viewers might be watching.  Suggested by Louis Mayer of MGM, the first ceremony occurred in 1929, where best picture was Wings, with Clara Bow (left), and introducing Gary Cooper.  Appropriately enough, they had an affair.  I didn't know Gary Cooper was that old, but he was born in 1901.

TV came in 1953 and Alaska finally got it live only last year.  Hawaii, still, sees this program four hours late, beginning at 7:30PM HT.   6000 members of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences vote, and, for the record, 94% are white, 77% male and 86% 50 or older.

I had a rather comprehensive summary of Oscar and the Academy Awards last year, so let me stop here and do you an especial favor by not making any predictions.  I guessed pretty well last year and will only be disappointed tonight.  Well, let me recant.  Sasha Baron Cohen will walk the Red Carpet as the Dictator:  

And I hope The Descendants wins something:


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