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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well, this is an update, because the GRAMMYS have been bestowed, and all went according to what I predicted below, for Adele, did, indeed, win all the major awards:

She co-wrote this song in one afternoon after breaking up with her boyfriend, and is about a scorned woman beyond reconciliation.  This was her first public appearance after throat surgery, and she sounded fabulous.   

Watch Whitney's final recorded performance of "Jesus Loves Me" with Kelly Price at the pre-GRAMMY celebration on Thursday.
And the Beachboys re-united for the first time in a couple of decades:

Even Brian Wilson was there, and they sang his song, "Good Vibrations."  (If you click on that, you will need to suffer through an ad, plus a couple of excellent tributes...then the remaining three Beachboys.)  

Rhinestone Cowboy Glen Campbell performed.  He had announced his retirement because of Alzheimer's, and the whole package with The Band Perry and Blake Shelton was, indeed, memorable. Campbell ended his career in style.  The GRAMMYS showed a lot of heart tonight.

Anyway, this is what I posted earlier on Sunday:

The GRAMMYS are on CBS tonight from 8PM, except it starts at 7PM in Hawaii, which means everything will be known by the time it's aired here.  Adele (above) is expected to win a few of these:

It's called a GRAMMY, as a contraction of a gramaphone statuette.  The Staples Center, home of the Lakers and Clippers, will be the venue, with LL Cool J serving as host.  Jennifer Hudson will sing a tribute to Whitney Houston, who passed away last night.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a 23-year old chubby-ish English "heartbroken soul" singer.  Her single mother was a masseuse and she had no father, at least at home.  If you're like me, you're not sure if you know any of her songs, which she sometimes composes herself.  #1 supposedly is Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love."  I prefer Adele's version and, actually, am familiar with her "Rolling in the Deep."  She last year was Billboard's Artist of the Year and has only two albums:  19 and 21, both representing her age at release.

I haven't done this for some time now, so I had my traditional Buca di Beppo lunch of spaghetti with a meatball, tomato basil soup and Caesar salad, with a glass of Chianti:

Then I went to see The Mysterious Island (Journey 2--#3 this week) and Safe House (#2--#1 was The Vow).  TMI2 got a 51% Rotten Tomatoes audience acceptance rating, about right, for this was a softball event mostly for children.  However, the Rock is from Hawaii (and he both strummed the ukelele and sang "What a Wonderful World"), with parts of the movie filmed on my island, Oahu.  It was okay if you like to be freaked out by gigantic centipedes and love happy endings.

Safe House got a 72% RTAAR, and was intense.  I finally figured out who the bad guys were at the end, and, maybe, even understood  the sadness of Ryan Reynold's love relationship in the final scene.  Oh, Denzel Washington wasn't quite the notorious villain as some of the reviews might have indicated.

Two more items of interest.  First, I noticed that the arugula leaves in one pot on my roof garden are about a foot long (that's a 12 inch ruler).  In the other, located adjacent, the size is normal.  Hmm...I wonder why:

Finally, a picture-perfect sunset:

Another great weekend, and tomorrow, it continues...for me.

Tropical Cyclone Giovanna will crunch into Madagascar at more than 100 MPH tomorrow:

Mauritius and Reunion will see some significant storm surge, but appear to be generally safe.


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