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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As I was about to begin writing my blog today, #1438, incidentally, I noticed that the total pageviews had passed 200,000.  No, #200,000 was not Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine, but if it was you, let me know.  In any case, something over this number have visited, and from 200 countries, no less.  There are 246 Google entities (as for example, Antarctica has a country code of AQ), so I have 46 to go.

Thus, rather than create just another informational article, I thought I would today summarize this blog site, and provide a guide to using it.  In the beginning, I maybe got 20 pings/day.  The recent daily average has been around 400, with the 27February2010 blog gaining 3912 visitors and the 11March2011 post receiving 2309.  You might recall that the former date was the day of the Great Chile Earthquake and the latter the Great Tohoku Earthquake, with subsequent tragedies of tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster.  Part of the uptick is that I was asked by the Huffington Post to report on the tsunami coming to Hawaii (Chile...Japan), and those who read those entries no doubt showed some curiosity about this web page.  The problem was that I was in Amsterdam for the Chile event and in Bangkok for the Japan disaster.  However, CNN very thoroughly covers these catastrophes, so I was possibly better positioned to report on these developments from my exotic hotel room, for many of my friends in Hawaii had to evacuate and were not in regular communication, having escaped to the hills.

So, to begin from the top, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR PLANET EARTH AND HUMANITY was created to provide information on renewable energy, ocean resources and the environment, providing updates of my three SIMPLE SOLUTION books.

Perhaps these subjects are inherently boring, but my friends kept telling me they much rather enjoyed tales of my eating and traveling and enjoying life, so I have expanded coverage to anything I wish, especially as Book 2, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, dealt with a range of subjects having nothing to do with energy and the environment.  Ninety percent of the time in the morning when I first sit at my computer, I have no idea what would be the subject for the day, with today being a typical example. This leap year day, that milestone 200,000 was the spark of inspiration.

Then the total pageviews followed by SOME HUFFPO AND BLOG POSTINGS OF POSSIBLE INTEREST.  In the right column are various energy statistics which are constantly changing.  I guess it is no surprise that fossil fuels dominate and the grand total of non-hydro renewables is about 2%.  China uses more energy than the USA, and combined our two countries account for 40% of all the energy used.

This blog emanates from Honolulu, Hawaii, thus the time and date.

SEARCH THIS BLOG is an especially valuable option, for you can type in key words, click on Search, and they send you to my postings most related to your interest.

TRANSLATE TO YOUR LANGUAGE is amazing, for you can just click on your flag of choice, and this column is instantly translated into that language.  Actually, colleagues have informed me that the state of the translation remains infantile.

The VIEWERS box lists the number of visitors from those 200 countries.  I find it remarkable that ONLY one-third of those who have read this page are Americans.  There are two visitors entries because some time ago, this service disappeared, so I added a second one.  Then the original returned, so I kept both.  They are largely redundant.

LINK TO JOOBLE is just a favor to a stranger who asked if I could list their search engine, so I said okay.  I imagine I will delete this link sometime soon.

WE MUST TAKE ACTION ON GLOBAL WARMING NOW does a weak job of balancing the reality of climate change.  I believe what is happening is real and that we are largely responsible.

How Much Does Gasoline Cost is a real time indicator of gasoline prices in the USA.  Just follow those directions to find out what the prices are in your state or the nation at large.

This is followed by the WTI Crude Oil price.

Of particular interest should be the future price of petroleum.  Click on FUTURE PRICE OF OIL and you will be transported to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  If you do, you will note that the projected price in December of 2020 is expected to be an amazing $89.82/barrel.  The WTI today is $107/barrel.

Then comes the DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE and Our National Debt.  You can click on the U.S. National Debt Clock to find out that this number shot past $15 trillion.  However, I have a totally different view on this national issue.  I don't think we have a problem, and you can read my Huffington Post article on this subject entitled:

A particularly useful link is found in CALCULATE THE CURRENT VALUE OF MONEY.  If you want to know what a dollar a hundred years ago is  worth today, click on Measuring Worth, and find values between $17 and $389, depending the parameter of comparison.  Actually, I will need to update to a newer version because this calculator is only good up to 2010.  You can add an inflation rate of 3% for 2011.

Next, some ALL TIME NUMBERS related to high and low prices of petroleum and gold, then the 30 year mortgage rate range.

You can find previous articles in the Blog Archive listed in reverse chronological order.  Just click on the titles to transport yourself to that posting.

Finally to the right is something ABOUT ME.  Best to Google my name for more info.  


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The Dow Jones Industrials fell 53 to 12,952, with world markets also mostly down.  But my oh my,  gold crashed $75/toz to $1711, and platinum minus $29/toz to $1692.  How appropriate, as my blog yesterday focused on these two metals.  The reason looks like the premise for a movie, as a cartel raid was the cause.  


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