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Thursday, February 16, 2012


An article in the morning paper showed that Congressional Republicans want to maintain the nuclear stockpile.  Maybe they have a point:

A 2010 report shows that Russia has 11,000 nuclear weapons, while the USA has 8,500, with China at 240.  But in 1988 the USSR had 45,000, with the U.S. at around 25,000.  We have thus proportionately decreased.  However, these numbers themselves don't mean much, as there are the more important strategic ICBM and deployed bomber capabilities, for which the USA has a 1,790 to 1566 edge over Russia today.

Not sure where they are these days, as Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty III never went anywhere.  With Putin all but certain to be "elected" President next month, I guess the Congressional position strengthens President Obama's hand in any future negotiations.  Yet, one would hope that sanity will prevail and both leaders will further cut 90% of all nuclear weapons in an early time frame, with a few kept to keep countries like Iran and North Korea in check. 

Americans tend to vote for a candidate that shows backbone on nuclear dominance, strong defense and general security matters, so give the Republicans an edge here.  There also are those hot button abortion and family morality issues that sway more votes to Republicans than Democrats.

Republicans like to protect taxes for the rich, while Democrats cater to the middle and lower classes, and there are more of them around. A big plus to Democrats.

Republicans snort derisives at global warming, and at one time more people felt that this environmental matter was important.  All those disinformation campaigns seem to have worked, though, and perhaps no party has a current edge.  In any case, this is now a non-issue, for it is at the bottom of the following list:

So the ECONOMY, JOBS and the BUDGET are what matters, as if we didn't already know.

One survey shows more Democrats (33.7%) than Republicans (22.5%), but a whole lot of Independents (36%):

Thus, those so-called Independents will determine the next leader of our country, again.  In 2008 they went with Yes We Can, but in 2010 they turned mostly Republican.  However, all signs for 2012 indicate a return to the Democrats, for the Tea Party has mostly humiliated themselves, the Republican primaries continue to embarrass the frontrunner and the Occupy Movement is primarily an anti-Wall Street campaign.

I could have titled this posting either OBAMA WILL PREVAIL IN NOVEMBER, or THIS IS A GOOD YEAR FOR DEMOCRATS.  However, some of my friends were upset that one of my Huffington Post articles was entitled:

So I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt this time.

Another great dinner on the roof with this sunset:

The Dow Jones Industrials jumped 123 to 12,904, with world markets more up than down.  Gold increased $5/toz to $1731, with the WTI Crude at $102/barrel and the Brent Spot at $118/barrel.

Lucky for Mauritius and Reunion, for Tropical Cyclone 13 is heading south and weakening.


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