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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Actually, nothing much is happening today, or in the past.  February 8 means we have 328 days left in the year, and historically:

  -  In either 563BC or 486 BC or 383 BC, either this day or February 15, Buddha attained Nirvana upon his death at the age of 80.  I wonder who determined this.  

-  The College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, Virginia) was founded in 1693.  Bet you didn't know universities were here in the USA so early.

  -  In 1855, the Devil's Footprints appeared in Devon (UK).  As I said, it's a slow day, and if you like to follow the Mayan Doomsday (21December2012), which you just saw as a Super Bowl ad, this one is at the same level of probability.

  -  Elizabeth II is proclaimed Queen in 1952.  Just scroll down to the next posting for details, first traipsing past the dragon girl.

  -  The first eight stars were officially laid on Hollywood Boulevard.  No big deal because they were just 8 out of 1550 picked by lottery.  The amazing thing is that I was working at the Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory in Oxnard, California in the summer of 1958, on my way to Stanford the following month, when I just happened to be cruising by the street on August 15 of that (1958) year when those STARS were actually placed.  The official ceremonies took place a year and a half later.

  -  The NASDAQ opens in 1971.  

There are a couple of memorable tidbits today.  Rick Santorum performed an incredible hat trick and  now leads Mitt Romney, four states to three.  Remember, this is the guy who, in his last election, lost his U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania.  This is a shocker, and continues the Republican Primary nightmare. 

As I write this, the Dow Jones Industrials are at 12,882, a three and a half year high.  I only buy when the market crashes, so I have been waiting for that moment since March of 2009.

Syria's President Bashar Assad is hanging on by a Russian toenail.  Approximately 6000 have been killed since March of last year.

After nearly two millennia, the Catholic Church held its first (well, maybe they did this before and no one knew about it) announced seminar in Rome on clerical sexual abuse, attended by Bishops from a hundred countries.  Why?  Just one judgement of $100 million against a retired Miami priest a couple of months ago is but the tip of the iceberg.  Click on this list just for the USA.  Yes, it is worldwide, has been ongoing since time immemorial, and, as my religion chapter from SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity indicates, Catholicism is not the only religion.

If you've been following my blog, you will have noted my current focus on high blood pressure.  Well, apparently, Americans ingest the most salt daily from breads and rolls.  Certainly, cold cuts, cured meats, pizza, Kentucky Fired Chicken type products, soups, Burger King type hamburgers and cheese are also bad, bad, bad.  Interesting, but potato chips are way down the list.  Anyway, why live if you must avoid them.  The lesson, of course, is to enjoy all the above, but in moderation.

Stock market, etc., to follow.

Wow, Tropical Cyclone Jasmine is skirting past New Caledonia at 130 MPH and is significantly affecting Vanuatu today:


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